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Parvez Khan

Business & Personal Coach

As a Business coach, I act as a people-focused catalyst for organizations, empowering employees to get clarity about their work and be more open to embracing change.

In the long run, this organically improves the organization’s productivity and bottomline.

And, as a Personal coach, I empower clients to reframe and remove obstacles – through behavioral science methodologies and practical applications rooted in self love – so clients can achieve exactly what they’ve envisioned.

I provide coaching services in Washington, D.C. and also serve clients from all over the world.


Fun fact:

I am a huge Metallica fan!

On my bucket list:

Traveling to: Morocco (done!); Senja, Norway (to see the Aurora Borealis); Mexico; and Turkey

Wise words:

“Thoughts become things.” – © Mike Dooley, co-founder TUT


  • 12+ years working with with businesses, not for-profit organizations, faith-based associations, and training organizations
  • MS in Organization Development
  • Certified Coach – Accomplishment Coaching
  • Licensed Human Element Practitioner™ – Catalyzing breakthrough performance in organizations
  • Emotional Intelligence Coach (EQ-i) – Helping you develop more self leadership and show up as a changemaker in your life and your communities
  • Infinite Possibilities (TUT) – Supporting you to lean into “possibility-based” thinking and create the life you desire

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