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    “I feel like my biggest leaps have been through my work with Cat.”

    Through my work with Cat (in the Unbounded mastermind and 1:1 coaching), I was able to launch two dream businesses: my jewelry business and my brand strategy business.

    I feel the impact of our work in pretty much every area of my business, life, and...

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    Martha Cristina Garza

    “With Cat, I’ve learned about the gift of not being given direct answers. She holds up a mirror and shares her perspective instead - what she sees for me.”

    Working with Cat made me realize that there are ways to work 15 hours a week and have the money and impact you desire - my income has grown 40%. So now I do exactly that - and the rest of the time I’m living, reading, relaxing, traveling...

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    Craig Cassey

    “She gives you ownership of your decisions, which I find so empowering”

    She’s very gentle about her approach and doesn’t just give you the answer - even though that would probably be the easiest thing to do for her.

    She lets you come to your own conclusion in your own time and gives you ownership of your decisions,...

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    Kerilynn Vigneau

    Quit Towing The Line, Start Owning Your Badassery

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    The Possibilities of Cycle Tracking for Your Business and Life with Laura Kline-Taylor

    In a previous episode of the podcast I shared how it took 37 rejections before I finally landed my first client. That first client? Laura Kline-Taylor Roethel – which is why I’m beyond honored to have her on the show this week. Laura is a Life & Business Coach who specializes in supporting women who are spiritual entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial spirits who are interested in keeping motherhood powerful while remaining career driven. In our conversation, Laura is sharing her expertise of cyclical living and how this has created major shifts not only in her business, but in her life. Her teaching on this topic has endlessly grounded and motivated me and I hope it does the same for you.

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