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Robbi Mermel Nierenberg

High Performance Coach

When I write my autobiography, it will be titled “Return to Play: Simple, Deep and Profound” because that’s my life’s work. I bring a spirit of playfulness and curiosity to my work with high-performing achievers who are so busy doing that they forget how to really live and have fun. My clients have achieved a lot but they delay celebrating their wins because they’re so used to shifting the goal post. And that gets in their way of achieving what they truly desire. 

As a former collegiate athlete, I know peak performance is a mind game – that mental fitness, even more than physical fitness, limits our potential. And that’s where I excel – identifying the cracks in the foundation so your game can take off – be it the game of business, sports, relationships, or life itself.I consider myself a student of life, put unwavering trust in my spidey sense, and care about walking the talk as a human and coach. 

Right now I live in Steamboat Springs, CO with my husband whom I met on a chairlift! And I’m thrilled to say that my life is a word-for-word manifestation of what I’d once envisioned – that’s the power of possibility and aligned action.

Fun fact:

I’ve turned passions into careers all my life, like: teaching/playing sports with child actors working on TV shows in LA; being a producer for travel stories aired on the Today show and CNN travel; creating a nutrition program that included certifying chiropractors in my program; writing a nutrition booklet, developing an energy bar; and now peak-performance/mental fitness coaching

On my bucket list:

I regularly knock these off my list and add new ones. Currently on my list: A hut to hut hiking tour in Switzerland; Recreating a trip through Alaska my husband did in his 20s with his parents and siblings and taking our grown children; and living on a yacht with friends in the Mediterranean

Wise words:

  • I work with super humans, to remind them that they are humans, who have super powers.
  • Our answers come from when we get quiet.
  • The game is not over just because you missed the shot.
  • You can’t learn balance by watching YouTube Videos. Get on the bike.
  • When skiing in the woods, if you don’t want to hit the trees, don’t look at them, look past them.
  • We learned to walk by falling. It was getting back up the strengthened our muscles enough to learn to walk.



  • BS Telecommunication, University of Florida
  • 20+ years experience delivering transformational experiences, designing and leading programs as well as mentoring and developing coaches seeking certification
  • PQ Firekeeper leading PQ Mastery
  • Associate Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coaching Federation
  • PQ Certified Coach
  • Leadership: conscious leadership, team building, growth mindset
  • Mental Fitness/Positive Intelligence Staff training Mastery program
  • Facilitator, Trainer
  • Entrepreneurial and created several successful businesses
  • Elite athlete, as a mindset

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