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The UNBOUNDED Mastermind

Experience unprecedented levels of impact, joy, alignment, and prosperity

The UNBOUNDED Mastermind
Looks like you're on the brink of a quantum leap

Hey there go-getter

Looks like you're on the brink of a quantum leap

You put your all into it and you've done incredibly well for yourself, and now you're ready to unlock that next level of growth - transform those edgy feelings into that “I got this” fist pump.

And you've realized that this time you need a two-fer: transformative inner work and a high-caliber community that supports, sees, and challenges you.

Because while you adore the intimacy of a 1:1 coaching partnership, you believe that watching other brilliant women in action and learning from them can give you the vetted shortcuts and resources you've been looking for.

Besides, wouldn't it be amazing to hang out with a sisterhood who just gets it? The challenges, the heartbreaks, the thrill, and the absolute JOY of watching your impact play out…

Welcome, you're in the right place.

What's Included

Mastermind Calls

105 Minute Group Calls: Each month, we host multiple group coaching calls. On each of these calls, you'll receive direct support from Cat and Laura that is designed to move you powerfully forward and support you in leveraging your time and talents to maximize your impact and your joy.

1:1 Coaching Support

Two Private Intensives: Your intensives can be held at any point throughout your program. During this time, you’ll get crystal clear clarity on your strategic plan, where you’re headed in your business, and how you’ll get there.

Private Community

24/7 Access: to private Mighty Networks platform for connection and collaboration amongst entire Unbounded community. This is an incredibly supportive and generous space to celebrate wins, idea share, get feedback on offers, pricing and so much more, and network with likeminded ambitious empaths on a similar mission.

BONUS: Full Access to the Resource Vault

Full Access to Resource Vault: CHOCK FULL of content, tools, systems, special guest trainings and accompanying handouts, and bite-sized video recordings to support you in growing your business with alignment, collaboration, and joy.

Unbounded is the ultimate spot for togetherness

Celebrate and be carried forward by each other's successes, get coached, get deeply supported, and network with value-aligned business besties – to finally step into your quantum next level.

Coaching for monumental shifts

You’ll be coached by Catherine (founder, Master Certified Coach) and Laura (co-coach, Professional Certified Coach) to honor your desires, energetic capacity, and make strategic moves that skyrocket your wealth as well as your overall well being.

A leader in each chair

Show up as an expert, speak your truth fearlessly, and swap wisdom and resources with other badass CEOs. Dive in to solve problems in our Mighty Networks community or ask for help from your brilliant sisters.

A mirror for each other

Be fierce advocates and mirrors for each other - the blocks and breakthroughs you see in others are a reflection of your subconscious. Find opportunities to grow and celebrate at every step.

A playground for all your bold ideas

Brainstorm, create, get feedback on all your big ideas before sharing them with the world. We’re all invested in each other’s success and LOVE celebrating your wins!

Feel seen like never before

This is a container for empaths and HSPs facilitated by someone just like you - founder Catherine Wood, who has a gift for bringing the right people together. Here we operate from a place of empathy, emotional safety, and care all day, every day.

Partnerships for life

Our alumni continue to collaborate with and hire each other, show up for support just because, and drop each other’s names in rooms full of opportunities because they develop an unshakeable bond in this one-of-a-kind container.

“Unbounded felt different. Cat is really good at curating the people that are in the group and I felt like I belonged.”

We were all in different stages of business and we all grew together. You truly are a part of this family. In so little time, we became this very...

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Martha Cristina Garza

Luxury Brand Strategist

This is an invitation for you…

This community is for big-hearted women who identify as empathic and want to do business and life fundamentally differently.

Catherine Wood
Catherine Wood

In Unbounded we do things differently

We care about creating an experiential journey that adapts to your unique lens, challenges you, and helps you step into a new level of self-trust and embodiment - while tapping into the vast wisdom of your own self and your peers.

This is a year-long program where quantum leaping and how you get there will depend completely on you because you bring a unique lens for business based on your expertise and lived experiences.

Unmatched support while you take ownership of your dreams is what we do best, and we bring that into this mastermind as well.

Each month, we will identify and focus on topics based on the group's needs. Some of the potential topics include:

Catherine Wood


Get the Essential Reading List for Ambitious Empaths

Snag a copy of our favorite confidence-building + intuition-honing business, money mindset, and leadership books to help you embrace a holistic approach to your success. Grab a cuppa tea and let’s reverse engineer your life, removing the hustle and grind and replacing it with more joy and leisure.

"In one-on-one coaching, you learn so much about yourself and get so many breakthroughs, but they're different learnings. In Unbounded, I learned how to relate to myself in a community of other powerful women and grow from it. That's why I decided to join Unbounded a second time.”

Working with Cat, I’ve learned that coaching is a lot about self-knowledge. And Unbounded gave me that opportunity to develop self-knowledge as a...

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Liz Rohr

Licensed nurse practitioner; CEO and Educator, Real World NP

Meet Your Coaches

Catherine Wood

Catherine Wood

Master Certified Coach

Hey hey, I'm Cat! I'm the Founder & Head Coach of Unbounded Potential, Master Certified Coach, author, certified kundalini yoga instructor, and community curator.

As an empath, introvert and HSP, I not only understand but celebrate the gift of being a deep thinker and processor. And, as a coach - who is no stranger to walking the talk - I hold you accountable to your goals when your gifts get in your way of taking action.

Laura Kline Taylor

Laura Kline-Taylor

Professional Certified Coach

Laura helps career-driven women who dare to have it all set the stage for a powerful next transition. Whether it’s birth, a new job, new parenthood, successful reintegration into a career, a bold life, or relationship pivot, it can be done without all the set-backs and the trade-offs we fear.

Cat has had the honor of personally coaching and collaborating with Laura over the years (since 2014!) and she is a soul sister.

Client Success Stories

Cat is an extraordinary, heart-centered coach who has a gifted way of seeing directly into your heart and helping you get in touch with your innermost passion and joy fulfilling path. She is a true model of what coaching is all about. She helped me...

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I've been working with Cat for a little over two years and WOW, I cannot imagine how different my life would be without her. Not only is my company headed towards 7-figures (from basically zero), but even more special, magical, and impactful has been my...

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The frustration of doing it on my own was, I never felt like I knew how. To think about building a business beyond the scope of what I currently had seemed impossible, seemed insurmountable, it seemed overwhelming. And, it seemed like I had to do it all...

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I realized the program was working for me when I was able to quit my day job and immediately the next day turn around and have a full caseload of clients for my new business that I was able to start. It was so empowering to know I had control over...

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I feel like my biggest leaps have been through my work with Cat.” Through my work with Cat (in the Unbounded mastermind and 1:1 coaching), I was able to launch two dream businesses: my jewelry business and my brand strategy business. I feel the...

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Being vulnerable was hard. At the same time it was freeing, liberating and a bit of a relief to share so much of myself with people and to be truly seen and also called out when I wasn't being my best. Having the UNBOUNDED group and Cat hold my highest...

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It is time to get your head and heart around what you deeply want and design the business and exquisite lifestyle that will ensure you achieve it

Because if there’s one thing the pandemic has taught you, it is time to stop playing games with your joy and soulful satisfaction.

Your impact

Your impact

looks like bringing to life the full expression of your gifts and desires through zeroing in on the high-ticket offer that lights you up and allows you to beam while doing important work in the world.
Your prosperity

Your prosperity

looks like owning your thriving, in-demand entrepreneurial IDENTITY and stepping into your quantum next level. Start viewing yourself as the badass CEO who is worthy of amassing wealth and attracting dreamy clients you love.
Your alignment

Your alignment

looks like embodying + implementing the business systems and boundaries you *already know* how to, because well, you’re finally ready to have it all in biz + life and drop the struggle.
Your joy

Your joy

looks like taking ALL the learnings from the pandemic and grounding them into a lifestyle designed around your most audacious dreams and what you most deeply yearn for.

“I didn’t see the crossover between my business strengths and my personal relationship with myself. This has been a game changing breakthrough for me.”

I’d never been in a group program where we could learn from each other. It was a powerful group, and Cat was great at facilitating...

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Robyn Kievit Kirkman

Registered Dietitian and Nurse Practitioner with more than 25 years of experience


What is the weekly time commitment to succeed?

This depends entirely on you and how quickly you want to grow and reach your goals. The more you put in, the more you will get out. The degree to which you show up for your goals and open yourself up to be seen and supported, is the degree to which we can show up for you (and I assure you that there is nothing that thrills us more than seeing and supporting our clients to crush their goals)! That said, we recommend a minimum commitment of 3 - 4 hours per week.

Is this mastermind just for coaches or do you also work with other types of entrepreneurs?

The mastermind is ideal for women in established service-based businesses who have had experience in transformational work or personal development. In addition to working with all types of coaches, we have partnered with entrepreneurs in health care including nurse practitioners and dieticians, brand designers, marketers, social media managers, financial planners, accountants, creatives, and so many more.

Do you guarantee I’ll make quantum leaps in my wealth?

No, there are too many factors outside of our control to be able to promise that. Ultimately, YOU are the one who will be showing up to do the inner work and taking the uncomfortable and aligned action outside of your comfort zone (with me + Laura + and your team to support you along the way). That said, these are results I have created and have supported mastermind clients to create and I do not accept clients into our practice who I do not deeply sense we can support. If you have a deep desire and heartfelt commitment to your results, it is only a matter of time before you achieve them. This container will accelerate the velocity + joy with which you get there.

Will there be any in-person component to the Mastermind?

There is the possibility of coordinating an in-person retreat in the Mastermind, if there’s full attendance and it’s safe to do so. There would be an additional cost to cover food, lodging, travel, and any excursions planned. You would be required to show proof of Covid-19 vaccination to attend should the group express interest in a retreat.

What is the application process?

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Email Cat at to receive the application. Invitations to join the mastermind are made on a rolling basis.

Ready to experience quantum growth at the intersection of kindness, caliber, and community?

Get instant access to Boundary Bootcamp

We totally get it - you're so ready to break up with permission culture and begin doing things your way. Truth? It starts with setting bigger goals discovering, defining and defending your boundaries.

Join Catherine for the next 5 days with daily audio lessons and worksheets that will help you identify how your boundaries were shaped and reclaim your time and energy.

This bootcamp is perfect for you if you want to...


Making Google Your Best Friend with Kelsey Flannery

If you want your website to rank high on Google but have always been intimidated by the concept of SEO, this episode of the Prosperous Empath® is for you! I’m sitting down with Kelsey Flannery, a Google Certified Expert and CEO of KaeRae Marketing, and UNBOUNDED Mastermind member, to talk about the basics of search engine optimization and how to approach it in a way that aligns with your values as an empath. Kelsey quit her job at a big marketing agency to develop an innovative Google marketing framework that allows you to authentically share who you are while strategically using SEO to your advantage. We’re digging deep into how Google really works, breaking down common SEO terms that may have overwhelmed you in the past, and sharing easy steps you can take right after listening to this episode to improve your rankings and visibility. While Google may appear like the cool kid that’ll never talk to you, it actually wants to be your best friend. In this conversation, Kelsey and I will equip you with the understanding and tools you need to start making Google your best friend as an empath.. 

Visit this episode’s show notes page here.

The Prosperous Empath® Podcast is produced by Heart Centered Podcasting.

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