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Executive Coaching in Washington, DC

Catherine Wood, MBA, Boston area Master Certified Coach

Catherine Wood, Unbounded Potential Founder, Master Certified Coach, former long-time DC resident.

At Unbounded Potential, our team of credentialed, compassionate executive coaches help DC-area leaders and entrepreneurs reconnect with their purpose and approach life and business from a place of holistic success. We recognize how easy it can be to fall out of alignment after years of building a high-impact career, and have direct experience living and working in Washington, DC, so we understand the unique benefits and challenges that come with living a high-impact life in the nation’s capital. 

Maybe you’re facing a career crossroads and want to pivot to something completely new. Perhaps your accomplishments on paper are impressive, and you enjoy time with your family and friends, but you feel something deeper is missing to make your life really feel like it’s truly aligned with your purpose, goals and values. Perhaps you’re feeling like you’re not quite sure what your purpose is! That’s what our executive coaches are here for – to help you feel seen, supported, and held accountable as you take action toward a life that’s truly aligned with you.

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What to expect when you work with one of our DC executive coaches

Executive coaching services in Washington, DC

In considering hiring an executive coach and doing your research to find the right one, you’re already taking important steps toward building an expansive life that’s right for you. When you schedule your initial consultation, we will spend your first call getting to know you and understanding what shifts in your life are bringing forward the desire for coaching right now, and what you’re hoping to achieve with an executive coach. 

After your initial executive coaching consultation, you’ll be paired with the best executive coach on our team to match your background, strengths, and goals. You and your coach will meet virtually one-on-one to help you gain clarity, set goals, and create and execute a plan to achieve them–with your coach cheering you on and holding you accountable the whole way. Through proven exercises, recommended reading, and heartfelt discussion, you will leave each coaching session with actionable next steps to move you forward.

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What makes our Washington, DC executive coaching team unique?

Cherry blossoms in Washington, DCWorking with a coach who truly understands you is paramount to making meaningful progress toward a more aligned life. We know what it’s like to be executive leaders and entrepreneurs in DC first-hand. Unbounded Potential’s founder, Catherine, spent over a decade living and working in Washington, DC. Being fully immersed in the culture and workforce of DC enables our coaches to understand challenges and advantages unique to you, with connections to the professionals and resources necessary for running a thriving business, obtaining your next promotion or career transition in Washington, DC. Whether you’re looking to advance your corporate career, get more involved in the government sector, find enrichment and a sense of community as a new or established DC resident, or find ways to grow your business and reach more clients in the area, our team is uniquely positioned to help you thrive in DC and beyond.


How to know if our DC executive coaching services are right for you

Unbounded Potential executive coaches are more than just ‘business coaches’ or ‘life coaches’. A top choice for highly sensitive people (HSPs) and heart-centered entrepreneurs, we pair deep expertise with empathy and are fully invested in what success means to you. Executive coaching with Unbounded Potential may be right for you if you:

  • Are a high-impact leader ready to take the next steps in your career
  • Are an established business owner looking to take your entrepreneurial vision to the next level but feel stuck
  • Are a senior-level executive looking to pivot to heart-centered entrepreneurship
  • Feel like you’re ‘checking all of the boxes’ in a high-impact career but are feeling like something is missing
  • Are feeling burnt out from a senior leadership role and ready for a change but you’re not sure what that looks like
  • Feel disconnected from your heart in your work or business and want to find a way toward a more fulfilling, meaningful career
  • Desire to make bigger impact with your life’s work from a global perspective, not just an individual perspective
  • Are an empathic entrepreneur navigating the high-pressure business world as a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP)

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What are the benefits of working with an executive coach in the DC area?

When you work with an executive coach, the benefits start to reveal themselves from the very first call and only grow over time. From gaining more clarity to skyrocketing your income, your work with your coach can truly change your life. Some of the benefits clients often see when working with our Washington, DC executive coaches:

  • Growing in your career by leaps and bounds – gaining significant raises, taking new higher-earning positions, unlocking new revenue streams for your own business, or successfully launching a new business
  • Improved confidence and a life that feels truly aligned with who you are – gaining clarity around your goals and values with an executive coach can unlock doors to a profound amount of self-discovery and enrichment
  • More time for joy – Our executive coaching team can help you identify areas of your life where you can delegate, streamline processes, or let go of obstacles to reclaim more hours in the day for what lights you up
  • Greater impact at a global scale – working with an executive coach helps unlock your unbounded potential, enabling you to reach for and achieve goals and dreams beyond your current self-imposed limitations. It sounds cliche, but working with an executive coach can truly change the world!


Executive Coaching in DC and Beyond

Are you ready to take the leap toward a more empowered future with the help of an experienced, certified executive coach? We’d love to meet you and help you take the next steps toward a life that meets your unbounded potential.

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