We high-performing individuals often feel like we need to do things alone. Like if we bear down and get things perfect, we can show the world just what we’re capable of.

And yet, we can’t shake the feeling that something is missing.

We want more, but we don’t feel like we’re allowed to have it.

I’m CATHERINE WOOD, and I’m on a mission to show you that another way of living is possible. I’m an executive life coach in Washington, D.C. and champion for high-performance individuals who are committed to making a big impact on the world.

Imagine finally having the support you need to pinpoint what you truly want — and, then, achieving it.

the only question left is...

Are you ready?

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Before & After is a series of client stories. It’s hard to understand just how profound of a shift coaching can create in your life without experiencing it for yourself. The next best thing to experiencing it yourself is to read how other people’s lives have been transformed.

It doesn’t have to be perfect, just put it out there — you will get better at it the more you do it.”

Kerilynn Vigneau

Artist, Entrepreneur & Fashionista

Meet Kerilynn, an entrepreneur, fashionista and artist based in Boston, MA. Discover how working with Catherine helped her go from feeling unable to handle success to discovering confidence in her abilities — and a newfound joy.

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I love what I do, and who I do it with.”

MiMi Dabo

Entrepreneur, fashion designer & life coach

Meet MiMi Dabo, an entrepreneur, fashion designer, and life coach who lives in Washington, DC. Discover how working with Catherine helped her finally make the leap from accumulating accomplishments that looked good and felt safe (an MBA, CPA, a law career), to pursuing her passions for fashion and helping those in need.

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We all have to start somewhere…and coaching really helps you to get ‘there.’

Alex Milewski

Artist & Entrepreneur 

Meet Alex, an artist and entrepreneur based in Boulder, CO who stepped away from running his engineering startup to pursue his deepest love: breakdancing.

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Catherine helped me to do in one consultative session what I had been talking about doing for the past two years. It was then that I knew I wanted to hire her as my life coach.”

Ebony Payne

CEO + Founder: District Herbs 

Meet Ebony Payne, an entrepreneur and herbalist based in Washington, DC. Discover how working with Catherine helped her go from feeling exhausted and overcommitted to feeling renewed energy and business success.

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