beyond measure on your terms, of course

Coaching bold, brilliant, and bighearted leaders and entrepreneurs to skyrocket their prosperity and purpose, while being fully seen and supported.

Work With Us

Embody your truth and become the CEO of your life and business

1:1 Coaching

Connect with a certified coach who's just right for you and create radical shifts in an intimate container led with empathy and integrity.

With us by your side, you'll cultivate a deeper (and kinder!) relationship with yourself, reclaim your purpose and intuition, and rebuild your confidence - one brave action at a time.

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UNBOUNDED Mastermind

Feel seen, supported, and challenged to move past your resistance and take powerful action alongside a thoughtfully curated community of ambitious, brilliant, and big-hearted entrepreneurs.

Here you'll discover how to leverage your intuition, evolve as a leader, and grow your business from a place of confidence, ease, and freedom. The mastermind is also a place for building authentic relationships (with your cohort and alumni) that transform into strategic business partnerships or lifelong friendships with people who get it, you know?

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Our Clients Work At

Your inner disruptor and make those power moves in business and life, unapologetically

Ironic isn't it? As high achievers who are smart, kind, and intuitive, we're capable of so much more. But our socially sanctioned inner ceilings keep us exhausted and apologetic.

Dream with us for a moment - what if it could be different?

Imagine a world where you can be your joyful, badass self all the time - without suppressing your natural tendencies of warmth, intuition, and kindness.

Here, you build and scale your business with plenty of white space on your calendar and lead your team with wisdom and grace. Decision-making is easier because you trust yourself and truly believe in your potential.

In this world, change - big or small - isn't scary because you allow yourself to be supported and ask for what you need.

And look at that - you're blossoming in all your relationships - professional and personal - without resentment or compassion fatigue.

“I feel like my biggest leaps have been through my work with Cat.”

Through my work with Cat (in the Unbounded mastermind and 1:1 coaching), I was able to launch two dream businesses: my jewelry business and my brand strategy business.

I feel the impact of our work in pretty much every area of my business, life, and...

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Martha Cristina Garza

“With Cat, I’ve learned about the gift of not being given direct answers. She holds up a mirror and shares her perspective instead - what she sees for me.”

Working with Cat made me realize that there are ways to work 15 hours a week and have the money and impact you desire - my income has grown 40%. So now I do exactly that - and the rest of the time I’m living, reading, relaxing, traveling...

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Craig Cassey

“She gives you ownership of your decisions, which I find so empowering”

She’s very gentle about her approach and doesn’t just give you the answer - even though that would probably be the easiest thing to do for her.

She lets you come to your own conclusion in your own time and gives you ownership of your decisions,...

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Kerilynn Vigneau

Audio Training

Get instant access to Boundary Bootcamp

We totally get it - you're so ready to break up with permission culture and begin doing things your way. Truth? It starts with setting bigger goals discovering, defining and defending your boundaries.

Join Catherine for the next 5 days with daily audio lessons and worksheets that will help you identify how your boundaries were shaped and reclaim your time and energy.

This bootcamp is perfect for you if you want to...

Audio Training

Who We Are

Life, leadership, and executive coaches who hold space for your audacious dreams and biggest leaps

Founder Catherine Wood is a Master Certified Coach (only 4% of coaches in the world are MCCs!), and as a team we bring 80+ years of coaching experience to the table.

But we're not just about that.

We coach with a whole lotta empathy and vulnerability because we know how it feels to do everything by the book and still feel like you don't belong in your own life.

Catherine discovered coaching (with major skepticism at the outset) at a time when everything looked enviously good on the outside, but out of alignment on the inside.

Working with her own coach guided Catherine back to her truth and helped her create the life and business she always dreamed of.

Now we help our clients become the architects of their own destiny and experience JOY beyond socially defined success markers.

Our Promise

Masterful coaching that transforms how you relate to yourself and helps you reconnect with your desires, your confidence and your joy

Here you're seen and celebrated in your whole humanity: as a trailblazing CEO and an intuitive, big-hearted human who's done living someone else's idea of an ideal life.

Develop self-trust and take ownership of your narrative in a safe space to create holistic success. We believe you're the expert on your life.

Challenge your inner ceilings and shift from dreaming to doing, while being grounded in your truth.

Let’s just take a minute to brag on our incredible clients.

Casting a multi-million dollar vision and leveling up her mindset to match the rapid evolution of her medical education company

How nurse practitioner and educator Liz Rohr did it

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Let’s just take a minute to brag on our incredible clients.

Shifting from dreaming to doing and honoring herself as the CEO of her business and life to build a sustainable six-figure brand

How luxury brand strategist Martha Cristina Garza did it

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Let’s just take a minute to brag on our incredible clients.

Challenging his inner ceilings and developing self-trust to create resilient internal and external systems for holistic success

How intuitive life, sex, and business coach Craig Cassey did it

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Let’s just take a minute to brag on our incredible clients.

Reconnecting with her purpose and shifting her relationship with fear to build a business on her own terms

How Boston-based Personal Stylist Kerilynn Vigneau did it

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Let’s just take a minute to brag on our incredible clients.

Owning her greatness to move the needle in her revolutionary business and life

How nurse practitioner and registered dietitian Robyn Kievit Kirkman did it

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Belonging book Belonging book

“This book feels like going on a road trip with that super cool zen friend - who always has the best intuition about when to take a detour, checking out roadside attractions and sucking the marrow out of every moment.”

-Heather Ingram

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Belonging book Belonging book

On our Masterminders’ Bookshelf

Get instant access to a curated list of needle-moving books that’s essential reading in the UNBOUNDED Mastermind.

Thoughtfully divided into categories - Health & Wellbeing, Love & Relationships, Money & Finances, Leadership, Spirituality, and more - so you can start creating a foundation for the life and business you’ve always wanted intentionally.

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    Unlocking Your Right Brained Gifts as a Left Brained Thinker with Juanita Molano Parra

    We hear all of the time that we are either left or right brain thinkers, which one are you? If you’re like me, you’re very analytical and logical, but it’s so important that we learn how to connect with our more creative side. Today’s podcast episode with Juanita Molano Parra is teaching us how she unlocks her right brain as a left brain thinker. I’ve known Juanita since my time in the Peace Corps and I’ve seen her grow her coaching business from day one. We have a beautiful conversation about her journey and shifting from a life on the measuring stick to transitioning to a life and leadership coach. I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did having it! 

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