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Apr 28, 2023 | Your Self

Catherine Wood

Thriving as an Intuitive Empath

On the eve of my birthday next week, I wanted to share some reflections and insights with you.

By all senses of the word, this past turn around the sun has been a seismic one in my world. From moving to Boston, Massachusetts after a decade in Washington DC and getting married, to selling our home, rebranding Unbounded Potential®, launching the podcast, and shifting our business model and strategy.

For someone who enjoys change and thrives on the process of both envisioning goals and the experience of achieving them, it was a lot even for me.

More recently, we’ve had some health challenges in my family that shook me to the core. While we’re out of the depths of it and on the road to recovery, thank God, the experience has truly caused me to pause, take stock and reassess.

I want to share my top 3 takeaways with you today because over this last decade of coaching but especially this past year, there’s been a lot of learnings and ‘life-ing’ as I shared with someone just the other day…

Become the Creator of versus the Reactor to your life

At any moment in time, we have the choice to be the creator versus the reactor of circumstances in our life. This is the single most powerful definition of integrity that I’ve heard, the idea that at any moment we are ‘at choice’ and we have agency to respond purposefully, regardless of what has happened ‘to us.’

Whether you were hoodwinked and forced to spend multiple tens of thousands of dollars to rectify a home problem born from deceit; your wedding becomes more all-consuming than you ever could have fathomed; a brand-new website ends up becoming sidelined by countless delays due to technology glitches that your team doesn’t even fully understand let alone you; or potentially your greatest fear, that someone extremely close to you becomes ill…

Regardless of what happens, you still get to choose how you wish to respond and what you will create in the face of those life circumstances. This has been a hard-won lesson for me this past year because as you may have guessed by now, all of these circumstances did happen ‘to me’ and to my family this past year.

In The Way of Integrity, Martha Beck shares “most people who follow the way of integrity experience a series of smaller moments of enlightenment, which begin to add up to a whole new worldview.” I truly live by this principle and feel that in doing so, I’ve been able to weather the storms of this past year as an intuitive empath, request support, access joy throughout, and come out the other side better for it. Furthermore, I’m grateful for the years of choosing integrity, creating and designing my life on purpose that have been both invaluable to me and facilitated my journey with grace and compassion through all of it.

I often share with newer ambitious entrepreneurs that after crushing a job description someone once wrote for you in corporate, you now get to write your own. It is much much easier said than done, but becoming the creator of your job description, let alone your life, may be one of the most worthwhile endeavors you’ll ever encounter.

Spaciousness Facilitates Thriving as an Intuitive Empath

I’ve shared a lot about spaciousness here over the years. It was my word of the year a couple of years ago and I wrote this powerful blog on it as well.

But there is nothing like being under a lot of pressure or in the face of big change or huge personal and business expansion that make taking space become even more nonnegotiable.

For it is truly through being willing to create spaciousness in your mind, in your heart and with your time and energy, that you will be able to access and hone your intuitive knowing and inner guidance as an intuitive empath.

This past year, I experienced changes and expansion of a caliber I’d never lived through before, such that my intuition served as my continual north star to help direct me and allow me to respond with intention and alacrity. This is one of the reasons I believe in the endless power of a morning routine, prioritizing ritual throughout daily life, and the freedom of living by your ideal schedule. I believe all of these support structures pave the way in creating more mental, emotional and energetic space.

Experiencing Belonging and Receiving Support as an Intuitive Empath

If you’ve been here a while, you’ve heard me speak before about the power of aligned community. We all need to experience belonging and allow others to support us in life and now more than ever in business too.

As an intuitive empath, I have found it’s particularly important for us to find aligned spaces where we are willing to (and feel emotionally safe enough to) share more parts of ourselves and allow ourselves to be poured back into and supported in meaningful ways.

One of the aspects I deeply cherish about our UNBOUNDED Mastermind is that empath entrepreneurs in particular are highly intuitive. Meaning, intuitive empaths do not need one more ‘business guru or expert’ to tell them what to do to scale their business or craft their unique offer. Intuitive empaths absolutely thrive in being surrounded by value-aligned peers who create space and reflect back their genius and visionary ideas, celebrate and hold them accountable along the way while simultaneously doing the same.



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Catherine is a Master Certified Coach and bestselling author of Belonging: Overcome Your Inner Critic and Reclaim Your Joy.

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