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Discover what you’re made of with this simple exercise

Recently a friend asked me what was my recipe for success.

My reply was, “Start before you’re ready and fail on purpose in order to access your true north.”

She was startled that part of my recipe for success purposely includes failure.

Oh, darling! It really must include failure because we learn so much about ourselves through it!

Often our fear of failure is worse than the actual experience of it. It’s a classic case of the bark being worse than the bite.

So how can we become more comfortable with failure? There’s a simple exercise I share with my clients called, “Failing on Purpose.”

The idea is simple.

Test your resolve on an area where you struggle with fear. Conduct a microtest to get used to the experience of failing on purpose.

If you’re fearful of people, walk down the street, making eye contact with others smiling and say “hello” to perfect strangers.

If you’re fearful that you’re not getting ahead in life, try upping your rates.

If you’re fearful of not making a quota, make a powerful declaration to your community of your intended success.

This is exactly what happened with a client of mine who we’ll call Stella. Stella worked in sales and was falling behind her quota to win an all-expense paid trip for two to the Caribbean. I challenged her to up the ante, and make a powerful declaration and tell people she was going to win the trip. (It’s one thing to keep it to yourself when there’s not so much as stake…it’s another thing when you tell others!)

The result was her community became involved in her effort, they supported her and held her accountable. She ultimately achieved her goal and spent a glorious week with her partner in the Caribbean!

Stella determined to become more committed to what she wanted, than to what she feared.

How can you fail on purpose? Play with it. Exposing yourself to more difficult situations heightens your threshold for success, and gets you more comfortable with failure.

If you’re anything like Stella, you understand the power of connections and accountability to live the life you truly want! Right now we’re filling up our Unbounded Potential group mastermind that will begin in February. If you’re eager to hear more, let’s set up a call to see if it’s a good fit for you!

Cheers to failing on purpose,

P.S. Make your powerful declaration right now! Tell the world (or even just me by sending email) what you want, and what you’re committing to. I can’t wait to hear your responses! I’m here to hold space for your dreams and cheer you on!

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