Dec 21, 2018 | Your Relationships

‘Tis the season for holiday stress (and how to beat it!)

It’s hard to believe that Christmas is just days away.

With all the merry-making, most of us also experience a heightened amount of stress and anxiety this time of year.

As entrepreneurs, you might be feeling the crunch of the end-of-the-year quotas and goals.

Plus the holidays seem to have stress and social pressures built into their very nature.

I often talk to my clients about setting intentions for their lives and businesses. The same strategy can work wonders for your enjoyment of the holiday season.

Here’s the trick. Decide in advance what you want from your holiday season.

If you picture a relaxed holiday with a party sprinkled in here or there. Decide that ahead of time. Then politely decline when you’ve had your fill. Make space for the activities and the social events that feed your soul and spirit. Learn to make peace with saying “No”.

If you have buyer’s remorse when you get your credit card statement in January each year, determine now what you feel comfortable spending, and stick to your budget.

I recently had dinner with a friend who has brilliantly taken this holiday intentionality to heart.

Every year she makes an advent calendar of all the things she wants to do for the holiday season. Each day she opens up a new door, and she eagerly anticipates each new opportunity or task she gets to fulfill that day. She’s created a way for her holiday season to feed her soul and spirit.

How are you intentionally planning a holiday season that feeds your spirit and helps you enjoy this time of year? I always enjoy your answers, send them my way!

Wishing you the warmest of Holidays,

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