It's all yours once you know how to unleash it.

What would be possible for you if...

  • You removed the obstacles standing in the way of your success?
  • You focused on how you wanted to feel instead of what you might fear?
  • You leaned in to your envisioned future with confidence and clarity?

When you think about your relationship, career, health, money—what could you step into in every level of your life? Who could you be? What could you accomplish?

Are you ready?


Have questions about coaching? Read some of the frequently asked questions that I receive below to erase any doubts and make the investment in you.

How do I pay you?

If we decide that working together is a hell yes for both of us, you’ll receive a monthly invoice that can be paid via direct deposit, check, credit card or PayPal. The cost of your sessions is due prior to our coaching calls, in order to prioritize our focus on you!

How is coaching different than therapy?

  1. Coaching focuses on the future and delves into the question: “How?”

    Therapy focuses on the past and delves into the question: “Why?”

    Coaching is future-focused and based on the premise that you are whole and capable of leading a fabulous and happy life. While a coach may ask about your past in order to identify what a predictable pattern may be for you, coaching really aims to break free from that so you can live the future of your dreams. Therapy focuses on the past and generally helps you to heal something about yourself; oftentimes focusing on triggers you may have from childhood. Ultimately, therapy helps restore an adequate level of functioning in the present, while coaching helps you reach a higher level of functioning now and in the future as well.

  2. Coaching explores: “What would you like to create?”

    Therapy explores: “What do you want to fix?”

    Coaching creates a safe space—free of judgment—for a client to identify what they most crave in life and then partner with their coach to powerfully move in the direction of those goals with insight, inspiration, and accountability. It assumes that you have control over the type of future you’d like to create for yourself and then sets you on the path to achieve it. Therapy instead focuses on fixing or eliminating a problem or dysfunction you might be experiencing so you can get back to “normal.”

  3. In the coaching relationship, the Client and Coach become partners.

    In the therapy relationship, the Therapist is the expert.

    Coaching is based on the premise that you hold the answers within you. You know who you are, and you know what you want. A coach will help you identify your core goals, offer insight about what’s holding you back and co-create a process for you to get the results you’re after. You are responsible for creating these results through action and commitment. Therapy clients generally see the therapist as the expert and the one who holds all the answers to heal and fix them. The therapist will distinguish for you what your problem means and support you in achieving catharsis.

  4. A Coach is catalytic.

    A Therapist is nurturing.

    While both coaches and therapists are empathetic listeners, working with a coach can be confronting, as you are challenged to break free from your subconscious patterns and survival mechanisms in order to achieve the things you haven’t been able to achieve thus far. A therapist will likely be patient and use indirect communication while a coach will challenge you, test your comfort zone and use direct communication to get you where you want to go more quickly.

Will we meet in person or virtually?

Our coaching sessions will be done over the phone or via Zoom or FaceTime. If you happen to live in the Washington DC area, I would be happy to arrange in-person coaching sessions when possible for an additional fee.

How long should I work with a coach to get the results I desire?

If you’ve been telling yourself, “I’m not good enough to ________” or “I’ll never be able to _________” for your entire life, you can imagine it takes time to realize you’re capable of what you want to achieve. In my experience, changing subconscious patterns and releasing negative beliefs requires at least a 6 to 12-month commitment. In my own experience, I created a major transformation in my life after working with my coach for 10 months. It varies for everyone, but when you have that breakthrough, I guarantee you’ll know it.

Is there a scholarship program?

If you’re not yet earning $150,000 per year, but you INTEND to be soon, and you’re committed to making a difference in the world, ask me about Partial Scholarships for up and coming movers and shakers and leaders. Let me know that you’re interested in this when you apply for a consultation call.