Apr 14, 2023 | Your Self

Catherine A. Wood

Find Your Purpose Through Finding Holistic Success

I’ve been talking about facilitating change and transformation A LOT recently, have you noticed? 😊

I often share reflections I’m having in business and insights I’m taking away from calls. Recently, I’ve been in so many conversations with folks new to coaching, fearing a changing economy, craving a career change, to name a few…

And as someone who’s been coaching entrepreneurs, corporate leaders and recovering attorneys, as well as high achieving professionals in career pivots or periods of transition for nearly a decade at this point, I’ve noticed some common themes.

Common themes around what’s most important and how life gets in the way, how fear stops us from pursuing our passions and dreams, and how the path of least resistance often keeps us on a less-than-ideal path.

There’s often a phrase I share in initial conversations with folks that sticks out. A phrase that I often receive feedback around, that they appreciate this focus in our coaching approach.

And this focus is on championing my clients to create holistic success.

You may be curious, what is that, exactly?

For me, holistic success is the whole enchilada. There’s certainly a financial component to it, but success is so much more if you’re willing to be honest with yourself. I have spoken with one too many objectively wealthy individuals who would never self-identify as successful.

Because at the end of the day, we don’t desire more money and more time for money and time’s sake. We crave the additional financial and time freedom in order to have the distinct experiences and choices we can make from that place. Whether it be the flexibility to pursue our hobbies or side businesses, more time to help out at our children’s schools or spend with aging parents, or more adventures and travels to indulge in.

Ultimately, holistic success is the experience of life we all deeply desire. This is the experience of feeling at peace with yourself or dare I say it–satisfied. Having a sense of balance between work and the rest of your life (that you love!), having close and connected relationships, creating financial and time freedom, and having an experience of full self-expression in your work. What I mean by this last component, is the ability to demonstrate and fully embrace your gifts, values and strengths through your work.

I recently shared this definition on LinkedIn and here’s what Haley of Heart Centered Podcasting had to say:

“This is one thing I do love about the coaching industry – time and time again we see examples of women creating a life and career that they love no matter their age! I’ve had clients in their 20s and 60s and everything in between. I’m happy you’re here doing the work, just as I am sure so many others are, too! YES to a holistic approach.”

This is why I adore coaching because I too have seen so many success stories of just this.

In today’s blog, I want to share some resources with you as this theme has been popping up in so many places of late:


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