Sep 09, 2022 | Your Business, Your Self

An Invitation for Conscious Living

How was the end to your final few weeks of summer? 🌻

I’m just returning to the office myself this week after taking two glorious weeks off unplugged at one of my favorite places in the world, on the St. John River in New Brunswick, Canada.

I mean, look at this gorgeous view!

I’ve been noticing a theme with clients this week.

We’ve been in a conversation around self-compassion, with clients who are rarely in that conversation.

It’s much more common to be hard on yourself, work yourself to the bone, and to not have any sense of what you really need to take care of yourself. And yes, I’m talking about what you really need.

It’s incredibly sad that that’s the conversation so many of us are in. I can certainly relate as that was my internal monologue for much of my life.

But that dialogue has shifted and evolved over the past eight years as I have engrossed myself more and more into the world of mindfulness and conscious living.

These past few years have been particularly filled with learning and up-leveling as meditation and has become a much deeper part of my life. What started as an intention to deepen my spiritual practice resulted in so much more spaciousness than I could have imagined.

Being able to take off two weeks disconnected each year is just one of countless ways I practice this.

Spaciousness has been one of the greatest gifts I’ve given myself amidst so much sadness, uncertainty and pain in our world.

I’ve allowed myself spaciousness to:

  • Still the negative thought patterns and lessen the power of my inner critic
  • Honor my morning routine and deepen my spiritual practice with yoga and meditation
  • Enjoy the pleasures of creating a home and enjoying nature more give up the notion that I needed to take a vacation to create the freedom and break to come back reinvigorated (and allow myself this experience more regularly rather than just while on vacation)
  • And even let go of the upper limiting problem that prevents so many women entrepreneurs from scaling their business, and allowed me to grow my business considerably this year.

My clients and colleagues have reflected this shift. What I’ve come to discover is that being fully present is one of the greatest gifts we can offer others and of course ourselves.

It is in the stillness of being present that our needs will emerge and our desires will take shape. Our inner critic will quiet when we are present, as will our intuition get louder, our confidence will grow, and our self-compassion will deepen.

As we enter September, consider welcoming more gratitude, more space and more access to being. We all have the capacity to quiet the voice of our inner critic and deepen our capacity for being compassionate with ourselves.



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Catherine is a Master Certified Coach and bestselling author of Belonging: Overcome Your Inner Critic and Reclaim Your Joy.

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