Jul 14, 2022 | Your Business

Taking the drama out of business

Have you ever thought about what differentiates a business that thrives and the ones that don’t?

We all know that there is a high failure rate for small businesses.

In fact, data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that approximately 20% of new businesses fail during the first 2 years of being open, 45% during the first 5 years, and 65% during the first 10 years. Only 25% of new businesses make it to 15 years or more.

Those aren’t great odds if we’re being honest.

Having worked with hundreds of big-hearted entrepreneurs who have beat the odds, what I’ve noticed is that the single biggest difference that makes them stand out is that they know what they believe and stand for.

Businesses that thrive are the ones that have a clear sense of the impact they want to make on the world and they fully embrace and embody those beliefs and values in how they operate and show up as business owners.

It’s what I call alignment.

And while I’m sharing this post through the context of entrepreneurship, consider this could apply in many other places…

Empaths, HSPs and introverts intuit whether the folks they want to hire, contract, and work with are aligned or not.

How do you know whether someone is aligned or not?

We often know it in our gut first. Perhaps there’s something they share that deeply resonates with you. Or conversely, they share a political belief that makes your stomach turn with angst.

But when there’s alignment, you sense it. There’s an experience of shared value and beliefs, whether they are aspirational or embodied ones.

What I’ve noticed is that when we act in alignment with those beliefs and values, we can trust in the ebbs and flows of business.

We can trust in the natural season of business we’re in and it supports us in weathering the odds.

It shores up our integrity and makes space to prioritize living joyfully.

So my question for you this weekend, what do you stand for? What do you believe in wholeheartedly?

I’ve been enjoying this process personally, so here are several of mine below:

CEO care is what makes your systems and success scalable and sustainable.

Your word creates your world: integrity and personal responsibility create the consistency and flow you crave.

Your story is your message: your outer success is a reflection of owning your rich interior world and story.

Embodiment is key in this new business environment: people will feel your inauthenticity if you’re not embodying your work.

Your net worth is a reflection of your self-worth: create a purpose for the presence of money in your life rather than simply a need for it.

So my question for you this weekend, what do you stand for? What do you believe in wholeheartedly?




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