Dec 27, 2022 |

Managing Your Intentions and Energy as an Introvert with Emma-Louise Parkes

I’m so honored to have today’s guest on the podcast, Emma-Louise Parkes, because she is the biggest inspiration behind this podcast. Emma-Louise is an Online Business Coach and Strategist for introvert-owned businesses. Some see personality labels as a setback, but to Emma-Louise, they are one of her greatest assets. She’s sharing more about this, plus how she’s setting herself up for success in the new year. This episode is for any empath who’s ready to start feeling confident in who they are and all that they can accomplish! 

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Business Ops Necessities for the Prosperous Empath with Alicia Lozano

I’m excited to share this conversation with Alicia Lozano, a Business Operations & Change Management Consultant, who partners with minority women-owned small businesses AND corporate side hustlers who are ready to take their business full-time to simplify their path to wealth. Alicia helped me early on in my business as I was starting to refine my processes and SOPs. She helped to take me from Excel expert to a ClickUp enthusiast and my business is better for it. In our conversation, she shares more about how she sets each of her clients up for success as they uplevel their businesses. I’m confident that whether you’re a new entrepreneur, wanting to create a new revenue stream, or just ready to make more money while working less hours – this episode is for you.

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