Jan 17, 2023 |

Finding Success Hosting Summits as a HSP with Rose Cox

Welcome back everyone to another episode of The Prosperous Empath Podcast. I am so thrilled to have Rose Cox on the podcast today. I met Rose last year when I participated in her summit and I’m excited to share more with you all today about how she runs summits as a highly sensitive person because I think it’s absolutely masterful. Rose will be sharing the moment she found out she was an HSP during her participation in a summit, why she believes more HSPs should be in positions of leadership, and how to market yourself with confidence. If you’re an empath or HSP wondering how you can start thriving as a business owner, let this episode be your first stop. 

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Using Your Stories to Create Content that Converts with Allison Janda-Brown

A few copywriters have pitched me to be on the podcast, but before I had any of them on, I knew I had to have Allison Janda-Brown on first! Allison personally helped me transform my own content as I went through my rebrand in 2022 and I’ve seen how successful her work can be firsthand. In our conversation today she shares more about her done-with-you approach and how to connect your amazing, personal stories from your life to the content that you write for your business. She’s helped client after client expand their client base to make bank. Enjoy!

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