Jun 16, 2022 | Your Business

What Becoming an Adult in Business Means

I was speaking with my Mastermind ladies recently and was jokingly sharing about some of the areas of my business in which I had reached adulthood.

We all laughed, (myself included, given that I’m beyond that stage of doing business).

Yet I can assure you it’s not a laughable matter for those caught in the midst of this phase and resisting the growth required. Many of us have or still do relate to being in business like a baby having a tantrum or like a petulant teenager.

And imagine if they (not you, of course) intend for that income to provide for their families or their futures.

Last week, I began discussing phase 1 of the business arc and some of the personal breakthroughs that each business owner must overcome relevant to that first phase of starting a business.

You’ll recall we talked about the startup phase of the business arc revolving around bringing some semblance of consistent action into your business habits while learning how to expand the confines of your comfort zone.

One of my favorite teachings about the comfort zone is that it expands and contracts with your willingness to take on actions outside of it. This breakthrough is often first confronted in the startup phase of the business arc.

Today, I want to jump in and share more about Phase 2 of the business arc, which I have come to realize is ultimately the Adulting Phase…

Phase 2

This is you if you are likely in your 2nd to 5th year in business and have transitioned your business into your full-time employment. Just like becoming an adult, you are growing the muscle of learning how to take consistent action in your business if and when you don’t feel like it, simply because it falls within your commitments.

You honor your commitments and your relationship to your word has evolved. Your word now holds more integrity and if you say you’ll do something, you shall simply because you trust yourself enough to follow through.

You are potentially taking yourself too seriously in business at this point. A reminder of the freedom and passion that initially had you wanting to become your own boss would do you good.

A couple reflection questions to ask yourself at this stage are:

– What is your ideal working schedule and what upgrades do you need to make to integrate your ideal schedule into your actual schedule?

– What are the business tasks that you hate or are simply not in your zone of genius that you need to delegate, offload, or automate?

– At this point, you likely also need a reminder why you went into business for yourself in the first place. Who are the ideal customers you desire to serve? What is the greatest solution you aspire your business to solve? What purpose or mission does your business embrace?

I encourage you to take out your journal and jot down your initial thoughts to these questions while you’re present to them. These are frequent conversations I have with my highest-level clients and I can assure you your answers to these questions can completely transform your experience of your business and life once implemented.




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Catherine is a Master Certified Coach and bestselling author of Belonging: Overcome Your Inner Critic and Reclaim Your Joy.

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