Sep 15, 2022 | Your Business, Your Relationships

The Serenity in Feeling Supported

We are starting to enjoy the lovely fall weather here in coastal Massachusetts this week with warm days and chilly mornings and evenings.

It’s my favorite time of year! 🍁

I’m even more excited this fall (plus a tad bit frazzled). My fiancé and I are now in the final month of wedding planning. And gosh, is there a lot to do before October…

Which is why today’s topic feels so relevant because learning how to get supported well is an art form.

In fact, I truly believe feeling supported is one of the greatest mindset hacks to growing a business.

When we learn how to fully replace ourselves in business, hire out our weaknesses or gaps, up level our mindsets and beliefs of what’s possible for us, and delegate fully the tasks we hate doing or zap our energy, how can we NOT grow and evolve?

But here’s the catch, many people (present company included) struggle with believing that being fully supported in your business, life or even your marriage is more about hiring or choosing the *right* person rather than doing the deep inner work to create a different external experience.

Many years ago, I worked with an established entrepreneur who’d been in business for decades. She was experiencing a familiar challenge in her business that she felt she couldn’t trust her employees to follow through on their job duties.

Unfortunately, in her line of business, attention to detail was of the utmost importance, so she found herself having to check all of her employees’ work daily and regularly found errors. She was peeved that she was paying such a high margin on payroll AND doing her employee’s work.

What we discovered through our work together is that she was distrusting of others. She doubted her team could do the work as good as she did. She gave off this skeptical attitude which made her team feel inadequate and less than. Additionally, as like attracts like and what we focus on expands, she also attracted employees who reinforced that belief.

Learn how to trust others and assume positive regard is a mindset hack.

But there are countless other mindset hacks that contribute to feeling fully supported as well!

For example:

Learning how to articulate well and communicate directly what you need – mindset hack

Feeling deserving of being supported and not doing everything on your own – mindset hack

Being self-disciplined and honoring energetic and time boundaries with team members – mindset hack

Learning how to share effective feedback and create productive collaboration – mindset hack

As I was saying, I deeply believe feeling supported is one of the greatest mindset hacks to growing a business.

Notice I did not say easy!

This is some of my favorite mindset work to do with clients (and with myself) because it’s fun and creates results.

This weekend, I invite you to spend some quiet time and reflect on where opportunities exist in your life and business to feel fully supported?




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