Feb 24, 2022 | Your Business

The Nonlinear Path to Entrepreneurship

Today is one of my client’s last day of her 9-to-5 before becoming a full-time entrepreneur (cue the applause and pop the champagne)! 🥂

She doesn’t know this yet but I have literally been gleeful and thinking about her last week of work all week.

Because let’s be honest, it takes something to quit a day job and be willing to go after your dreams.

Courage, bravery, chutzpah to name a few…

It’s not easy to bet on ourselves in life, but when we do, there is so much available on the other side of that fear and resistance.

One of my favorite explanations of resistance is presented by Steven Pressfield in The War of Art, where he defines resistance as another word for fear. He shares that the greater the resistance, the greater the opportunity on the other side of that resistance, and the only way around resistance is through it.

I have supported countless clients in transitioning into entrepreneurship over the years. Everyone’s journey there looks different.

I like to say there are two types of individuals who are willing to bet on themselves. Whenever I work with a client on this journey, I always like to help them distinguish their type.

When we gain a sense of clarity about who we are, we are more empowered to take action. There’s no straight path to entrepreneurship…

I like to say there are two types of go-getters in the world, bridge burners and bridge builders.

Bridge burners are the ones who see something they want for themselves on the other side of the bridge and leap across the bridge burning it up after themselves, so they have to make it work.

Bridge builders are the ones who see something they want for themselves on the other side of the bridge, and slowly lay the planks as they safely and smoothly walk across the bridge.

If you’re the former, fully committing might look as simple as choosing to do so, with the help of a coach, your community, or on your own.

If you’re a bridge builder like myself, then there are probably some metrics you will want to identify that would have you feel fully supported and safe in order to fully commit.

Which one are you? (BTW there’s no wrong answer here, and one is not better than the other.)

Both have strengths, and both have weaknesses.

If you are a Bridge Builder here are some points to consider:

Plans are great, but don’t fall into the trap of being a perpetual ‘planner’ and not a perpetual ‘doer’.

You place a high value on relationships and people. Use your bridge building skills to enlist help, supporters, encouragers to help you reach your goal.

Find an accountability partner (or a coach) to help you maximize your analytical side with strategic steps to move forward.

Consider ways you can partner with a bridge burner to balance your strengths and weaknesses.

If you are Bridge Burner here are some points to consider:

Your path to living the life you want might look a little messier than the path of a bridge builder. Knowing this might be helpful at the outset.

Your actionable personality is a strength. Make sure you take time to set forth a plan of how and when you’ll take the steps you need.

How can you be considerate of the needs of your loved ones as you take steps to meet your goals? Make sure to discuss your plans with them as you go.

Do you know any good bridge builders you can partner with to balance your strengths and weaknesses?

Regardless of whether you are mostly a bridge builder or burner. Knowing will help you make allowances to meet your goals, and live the life you want more courageously.




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Reflections, Ahas and Lessons Learned on Hosting the First Unbounded Mastermind Retreat


At the time of recording this episode, I am just still landing from hosting our first ever Unbounded Mastermind retreat a couple of weekends ago. I wanted to record this episode to share what I’m still processing from the retreat, how it went, some of the lessons learned, and some of the highlights. In last week’s episode, we had Kerry Dobson on the show, and if you listened to that episode, you’ll remember that I shared with her that I was feeling vulnerable going into hosting this first ever in person retreat for the mastermind. I had a lot of expectations and hopes for how it would go and sometimes my own anticipation and pressure I put on myself can get in my way, so we workshopped my own blocks on our podcast episode together. It was so incredibly helpful, reassuring and affirming that I was on the right track. So I actually wanted to record this episode and give you the download and behind the scenes of how the retreat ended up going as well as some of my own takeaways as facilitator and some of my own personal insights that were reflected back to me. I know many in my community have shared their own dreams of wanting to host a retreat of their own, so I hope you’ll find this conversation helpful as you consider what to include in your own.

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