Feb 15, 2019 | Your Relationships

Spreading love starts with YOU!

In my experience working with clients, this week of the year can be a particularly challenging one.

You can probably guess why.

Two words.

Valentine’s Day.

So much of it is managing expectations around this holiday. How much will we spend? What will we do with our valentine? What to do if you don’t have a valentine?

If yesterday was challenging for you, I’m sending you so much compassion and love today! 💕

One thing I’ve learned about this day is that when we shift our focus from needing someone else to make us feel a certain way and instead focus on loving ourselves and spreading love to others, the result is more happiness and contentment

I find many clients benefit from coaching in the areas of romantic relationships, for this very reason.

We often wait for someone else to make us feel loved, or give us what we want.

But when we love ourselves fully first, and start giving to ourselves first…another’s actions aren’t the most significant factor in our happiness, or mood, or outlook on life.

This has been my experience too.

When my partner and I started dating, he would ask me where I wanted to go for dinner.

I’d respond, “Wherever you want to go.” (Thinking that if I made him happy, I’d be happy too.)

When one partner is willing to forgo their own interests or desires for the other’s happiness, what usually happens is that we both end up unhappy.

This inevitably was the result for us. Without a firm direction for our evening, we’d not enjoy the meal or even our time spent together.

Since then, I’ve learned that me loving me includes giving myself permission to think about what I want and how to meet that need.

So often we think we don’t know what we want in our relationships, our careers, our weekend activities.

But I don’t buy it.

I think we do know what we want, and it’s simply a muscle we haven’t flexed for a while.

It takes time, practice, and a certain level of discomfort for that muscle to work at its peak performance.

Are you ready to start working out that muscle that says what you want is important?

The group coaching model works well for women committed to aligning their lifestyle with what they want for their lives.

When we’re surrounded by people flexing the same muscles encourages us to do the same.

Hearing other women’s stories, and watching their transformations shows us how human change is available.

Hearing other women’s stories about how they are flexing their muscles around what they want and deeply desire normalizes that we can do it too. This gives us a real-life model and demonstration of how to practice it for ourselves.

I never get tired of seeing these transformations happen. I’d love to see them happen for you too.

Here’s what past participants are saying…

“Working with Catherine (one-on-one and as part of a group she runs for women) made me realize that for all my apparent self-confidence, I was fundamentally lacking confidence and trust in myself, and it was holding me back from pursuing my dreams. For my entire adult life, I had learned how to keep my eye on what I really wanted, but never quite let myself have it. With targeted practices and tools and incredibly transformative coaching sessions, I was able to break through old patterns and find the belief in myself I needed. I am finally allowing myself to create the life I always wanted, without apology. That currently includes allowing myself to articulate my audacious vision for my business, and allowing myself to say no to things I don’t want instead of saying “yes” because I’m afraid I can’t have the things I do want.

I highly, highly recommend working with Catherine.” – Amanda H

Here’s to loving you!




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