Nov 15, 2018 | Your Adventures, Your Self

Catherine A. Wood

Our Upcoming INDIA TRIP (+ your Early Bird price!)

Imagine waking up in a mountain town at the base of the Himalayas. You hear temple bells ringing in the distance and are eager to start the day with a chai tea and yoga with a local instructor. Later on, you shop for brightly colored saris in the nearby shops before meeting your travel companions for a delicious Indian dinner, including hot naan fresh from the oven. The flavors are so rich your mouth waters to think about them. You find yourself looking forward to a coaching workshop this evening — a time to connect more deeply with your fellow travelers and talk about everything you’re learning about yourself in this vibrant country.

Our newest transformational trip to India from January 19 – 30, 2019* will be an explosion of color, community, creativity and exploration.

Things You’ll Love About This Trip:

  • The Coaching: We will use coaching and Authentic Relating games to deepen your experience and relationship to your fellow travelers.
  • Visit the Taj Mahal: Tour this sumptuous masterpiece of Indian architecture and learn about its history.
  • The Scenery: Overlook the picturesque Moata Lake from the Amber Fort in Jaipur. Take a train through the foothills of the Himalayas. Walk along the Ganges river and practice yoga in the town known as the “birthplace of yoga.”
  • Experience Rural Life: Sample sweet treats and interact with friendly locals in Suroth. This trip gives you the best of big cities and a chance to experience the countryside.
  • The Arts: Enjoy bollywood dance classes and a film screening at Jaipur’s famous Raj Mandir cinema hall.
  • The Shopping: Buy beautiful souvenirs for yourself and friends and family.

Mark your calendars for January 19 – 30, 2019, and stay tuned for details about our Bhangra dance + Indian dinner launch party in Washington DC at the end of June!

Registration for the trip will open June 1 and we will have just 12 spots available. We invite you to sign up as soon as registration opens to reserve your spot!

And — great news! — as a member of the Unbounded Potential community, we are delighted to offer you a special Early Bird rate. We are working with our local partners on the final details of the trip, so pricing will be available soon!

Please let us know what questions you have!

We hope to see you in India!

Embrace the Adventure,

P.S. We will also be running our Dominican Republic Retreat at the Dominican Tree House Village from March 27- April 1, 2019. More information about this trip will be available June 1.

*Travelers will depart the United States on the evening of January 17 for a January 19 start date, and then depart India on January 30 and arrive home the same day.

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