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My word for 2022

It’s been a bit of a wild ride the past couple of weeks with COVID impacting my household and nearly 1 in every 2 individuals I’ve spoken with.

When I chose pleasure as my word of the year for 2021, I never could have imagined how much it would support me in being with the discomfort of the unknown and change this past year.

But it has supported me immensely in…

Embracing the seasons of life and business and learning how to enjoy all of it. As a recovering perfectionista, when things don’t go exactly as planned, it has been incredibly rewarding to have developed the capacity to trust and gain pleasure from the process versus pressuring myself to feel like I need to make my mind up already and make a decision!

Case in point, I have been in the process of upleveling the next iteration of my UNBOUNDED Mastermind for the past quarter. I have intuitively known there were some tweaks I wanted to make to the design and feel before launching, yet I didn’t yet ‘know’ what they looked like. A former version of myself would have been completely not OK with that – I likely wouldn’t have been able to enjoy the process of iteration, creation, and redesign which has been so rewarding and exciting this past quarter! So much so, that enough women have expressed interest in the next cohort that I may completely redesign how I even ‘launch’ the program moving forward.

Finally, pleasure has been a guiding principle more and more in my approach to coaching this past year, the types of clients I work with and the conversations I choose to be in. Many of us have some inner dialogue programming that tells us ‘life should be hard’ or that in order for something to be worth it, “we need to suffer to some degree”. I have found these thoughts to be extremely limiting and often the antithesis to my pleasure and to my success.

I have at many times struggled this past year to find pleasure in so much of what had been happening in our world and in my own. It has by no means been easy and there have been many painful moments.

But it has been a worthwhile inquiry for me and even in some of my hardest moments, I have been able to remind myself that if this hadn’t been hard, I would never know what pleasure and enjoyment truly is.

My favorite question to ask myself when choosing a new word for the year is, who are you in the process of becoming?

You can also read here about some other questions and inquiry to help you choose your word if you haven’t already.

For 2022, my word of the year is prosperity.

Even as I type the word out, it feels a little uncomfortable to claim, which in my world is a sign that I’m on the right track!

Prosperity is the state of having a rich and full life.

For me, prosperity is so much more than just financial wealth although that’s a key element to it. It’s also about health, thriving, holistic success, connected relationships, and satisfaction.

As I practice the state of prosperity this year, I will be asking myself some of these questions:

Is this decision in alignment with quantum leaping?

What is the prosperous course of action?

What does my prosperous self want me to know at this moment?

What are the daily habits and rituals in support of my prosperity?

What business investments and charitable contributions would my prosperity make?

Now, I’d love to hear from you. Hit reply and let me know your word of the year.

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