May 17, 2019 | Your Business, Your Relationships

My 5-figure mess up...and what we can all learn from it! [+Early Bird Pricing on 2020 PACK Retreats]

I had one of “those” moments over here recently.

One of those entrepreneurial moments that NO ONE ever wants to have.

One of those moments when you find out just how much more than estimated you owe on taxes.


It was a $13,486 additional-taxes-owed-moment, to be exact.

This moment, I could have gotten ahead of, and I didn’t.

This moment, I could have suspected was coming, and yet, I didn’t.

I can see now that there was likely a part of me that didn’t want to believe (or verify) just how much I had grown in business year over year.

And probably a little (or even big) part of me that resisted owning my new level of success.

Have you ever had that kind of reckoning?

What is it about us women that has us not fully owning who we are, our greatness and our success?

When the evidence is in the pudding, or more precisely in the balance sheet that is staring us in the face, is when we’re forced to examine the results of our labor.

I’ve paved new levels of success all over my life in the past year… in my business, in my relationship, in my health, in my home, in my relationship to spirit, in my retreats, in my self-care, and in my joy.

And yet, there are always next levels of breakthroughs for us to step into the next level of success to own, to get out ahead of, to claim as our own.

This one is mine. Today is a huge human moment for me.

And while I’m still a bit shocked and stupefied and even f***ing pissed off, I’m laughing at myself too.

Because I’ve totally got this. And I’m grateful.

Not only am I grateful for having the money to pay off the IRS, but more than that, I’m grateful for the call to step forth into this next level of ownership in my business. I’m owning my success and my results.

And furthermore… if I can stand here and call you forth than I damn well need to be doing the same!

Do you have an equivalent story? What’s your “$13,000 mistake?” Where are you avoiding owning your results? Resisting relating to yourself as the you-you are today vs the you-you were one year ago?

All the love to you and me both for our human moments!

To being human,

P.S. Hit REPLY and tell me your story! Sometimes it’s just a matter of telling your story that helps us move past it — and learn from it!

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