Feb 22, 2020 | Your Business

Here's my greatest tip for business and life success...

Have you ever been chatting with a friend or a client and they mention what their spouse thinks they should do about something they’re struggling with…and your face starts to turn red?!

I typically can appreciate both sides and respect where each partner is coming from.

But I have to admit, I got so annoyed at my friend’s spouse this week. Don’t worry, I did my own work to discern what my annoyance with him had to do with me (read my book if you’re curious about that process), but…

Do you want to know what he said?

Her husband was giving her advice on what she needed to do to grow her business. He told her, “you need more of a get down to business mindset.”

Here’s what initially triggered me about his advice. This is literally how this woman lives her whole life. She constantly thinks about business and work to her own detriment let alone her health. More of that mindset is only going to enhance her stress, lack of balance, and overworking tendencies.

What I realized in processing my own feelings about his comments, is that this is how I used to live my life too. I’d just work harder, longer, more, to achieve the next goal. So, I got a little protective 😉

Doing business and life the way you’ve been doing it, is NOT going to have you break through and create a fundamental shift in your experience or your results.

Do you know what I think will?

Practicing discipline over working harder.

I don’t want you to work nonstop! I don’t want you working your weekends. I don’t want you not having dinner with your family or beginning your day running from one task to the next.

This will NOT have you show up as your best for yourself, your family, your children, your clients, or your pitches.

This will NOT lead you to more happiness and joy.

Be disciplined with yourself. Get clear on your boundaries of when you work and when you don’t. Get honest with yourself about when is it in your best interest to check email and social media and when is it absolutely not.

Get honest with yourself about all the ways in which you have been literally shaving time off of your self care, shaving time from the rituals and habits that you know in your heart are nonnegotiable. The habits that you know make you feel better about yourself.

Take some time this weekend and journal your responses to the following questions. This conversation has been a life changer for me and for the lives of my clients:

  • How can you take care of yourself first so that you can show up as your best for everyone else second?
  • How can you do something kind for yourself to start your morning so that you have something to look forward to each day other than closing the next deal or taking care of everyone else (but you)?
  • What are the boundaries you need to put in place, in your schedule, with your partner, with yourself, to honor them?

You are so worthy of getting your needs met in all areas of life. I promise, the boardroom and your business ledgers will THANK YOU tenfold!

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