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Feb 28, 2023 | Your Business, Your Self

Building a Mindful Business as a Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur

In a world where everyone is unique, it’s no wonder that businesses are also unique. They need to be coached and taught how to work together in order to create the most success. However, this is not always an easy task because of the different backgrounds and ideas that everyone brings to the table. By using different techniques and strategies such as mindfulness, you can be a successful highly sensitive entrepreneur creating a conscious and values-aligned business and personal life.


Being a mindful entrepreneur as a highly sensitive person

There are countless advantages to being a highly sensitive person (HSP), including heightened intuition and sensitivity to the emotions of others. In fact, according to some estimates, as many as one in five people are HSPs. This means that if you’re one of them, you’re likely well aware of the unique challenges and opportunities that come with being an HSP in business. By practicing mindfulness, or paying attention to the present moment in a nonjudgmental way, you are able to increase your productivity and communication, improve focus and decision making, and reduce stress and anxiety.

We all have thoughts and feelings, but what we do with them is up to us. We can choose to react negatively or positively, depending on what we observe. If we take the time to pay attention to our thoughts and feelings, we can then choose how we want to react. As a business owner, this awareness will allow you to embrace a deeper level of consciousness in your business interactions.


Find your Unbounded Potential in Mindfulness

When you are sitting in a chair, your physical body is sitting in the chair. When you are walking, your physical body is walking. When you are eating, your physical body is eating. If you want to be more present in your life, pay attention to the sensations in your body and your experience. Your brain may go to the future or the past, but your physical body is always telling you what is happening right now in this moment. When you focus on the “right now”, you will learn what is no longer serving you. For example, we have to own where we are putting our attention as a way to counter input from the distractions of the world (i.e. technology, notifications, sounds, etc). As a highly sensitive and empathic person, this is a crucial practice to include in your everyday life.

Get started with a mindfulness routine by sitting in silence for 10 minutes each morning, taking a yoga class, or meditating. Take breaks often and move your body regularly to stay energized and focused throughout the day. Most importantly as a conscious CEO, set boundaries with specific and measurable goals for your business. This could look like turning off any devices and focusing on completing to-do lists for the day and prioritizing your workload. Remember, as a highly sensitive entrepreneur, it is important to pay attention to your own needs as you build your business. Take care of your mind and body, schedule time for rest and relaxation, and be sure to celebrate your wins and learn from your challenges.


Love What You Do

It may sound simple, but building a mindful, values-aligned business as a highly sensitive entrepreneur sometimes comes down to loving what you do. Take time to intrinsically explore your values and make sure they are reflected in your business plan. Define what you stand for and what you want your company to represent. Additionally, create a culture that supports growth and creativity. A positive work environment is essential for any business, but it’s especially important for highly sensitive entrepreneurs who need room to grow, be inspired by their purpose, and be creative. When times are tough, it can be helpful to reflect on your values and company culture and how they have guided your work. This will help you stay motivated during the transformational process, as you embrace the opportunities that come through serving your audience in a values-aligned way.


Practice Mindfulness With Community Support

Sensitive individuals tend to be more creative, intuitive and holistic thinkers than their non-sensitive counterparts. This can make them better at developing new products or services or solving complex problems. By modeling self-awareness and self-efficacy, mindfulness can help entrepreneurs stay on task and make better decisions by considering all the possible outcomes of a situation. If you want to lean into community support, inquire about the Unbounded Mastermind, a year long mastermind and coaching program for women entrepreneurs who want to amplify their impact, become CEO of their businesses (and lives), and be massibly help in lockstep support with a sisterhood of powerhouses doing the exact same. Practicing mindfulness can be a challenging task, but with practice it can help us to live more fulfilling lives.

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