Nov 17, 2022 | Your Self

Catherine A. Wood

Behind the Scenes

Happy Friday! I thought I’d offer a little peek of what I’ve been up to behind the scenes this past week.

I’ve been celebrating welcoming one new private client and a half-day intensive client into my private practice. Also celebrating one amazing woman I’ve both worked with personally and known for a couple years join our UNBOUNDED Mastermind this past month. Our businesses grow in ebbs and flows. Our job is to consistently nurture relationships and show up authentically as who we are in order to attract our ideal clients.

I’ve been getting outside of my comfort zone by launching our podcast this past month with 4 solo episodes. The feedback and messages I’ve received have been so affirming and encouraging. I’m realizing how much I enjoy hosting a podcast. It’s an ideal way of supporting other heart-centered entrepreneurs whose missions I believe in.

I’ve been making some adjustments to my ideal schedule after realizing that working until dark during these winter months no longer supports my nervous system. After several years of supporting clients from 11a – 5p Tuesday through Thursday. I’ve cut back and am now coaching 11a – 4p those same days. The experience of finishing my day one hour earlier when the light is still out has been sooo supportive for me. And the dogs couldn’t be happier about it.

I’ve been reminded that in-person networking is a heavier lift for me after two years of really embracing my introverted side during COVID. And that while it’s not an instant yes for me and I need to motivate myself a bit more to get out the door. I’m a natural at networking and building relationships.

I’ve been loving spending our weekends in my hometown of Rockport, MA.  Having the chance to get out of the city and spend the weekends with family, friends and near the ocean. Having the opportunity to unplug from city life and the pace and noises of the city has been so nourishing for me. Filling my weekends with walks on the beach with our dogs, and strolls downtown to the local coffee shop. And reading books by the fire, and laughter-filled dinners and game nights with family and friends has been deeply fulfilling.

And I’ve been wondering who else is meant to join us in the UNBOUNDED Mastermind? We’ve made some recent shifts to the design of the program. Changes I can’t believe I didn’t think to make YEARS ago and I’m excited about where we’re heading! If you’re interested in experiencing coaching in a powerful way with sensitivity and femininity. Hit reply and let’s have a conversation! The doors to register are open through November 30th (and we’ll be off most of next week for the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday.)

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Using Your Stories to Create Content that Converts with Allison Janda-Brown

A few copywriters have pitched me to be on the podcast, but before I had any of them on, I knew I had to have Allison Janda-Brown on first! Allison personally helped me transform my own content as I went through my rebrand in 2022 and I’ve seen how successful her work can be firsthand. In our conversation today she shares more about her done-with-you approach and how to connect your amazing, personal stories from your life to the content that you write for your business. She’s helped client after client expand their client base to make bank. Enjoy!

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