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    It’s ok to ask for help! You were never meant to do it on your own. [Lesson Learned #4]

    When was the last time you made a big difference for someone in your life?

    Maybe it was a colleague who you assisted with some expert advice at work, or you cooked your partner dinner when he was least expecting it, or you were meeting with someone to network over coffee, and you gave them a great recommendation.

    Didn’t it feel good?

    I believe that we all have a fundamental need to make a difference for others, to make a contribution to the world, to be of service to others.

    Then please tell me, why is it so hard to ask for help?

    We love helping others, but for some crazy reason, why don’t we believe we deserve it in return?

    The fourth most important lesson I’ve learned in business has been giving up the notion that I can or was ever intended to grow my business, by myself.

    Cred: Leah Beilhart

    I think fundamentally, asking for help, reveals vulnerability, and that’s why many of us refrain from asking for it.

    However, when you can put your ego down and ask for help, you will massively deepen your connections with others.

    I learned this lesson when for the first time, my business had stopped flowing and reached its first ebb.

    There are two types of entrepreneurs. The ones who would rather leverage their personal community more than strangers for help and referrals. And the inverse.

    When I started my business, I asked for referrals. It’s how I gained my first client.

    I reached out to my personal community, offered them an experience of my coaching services so they had a sense of what I did, and then directly asked for referrals.

    It was uncomfortable and outside of my comfort zone. Yet, I practiced and it was effective.

    Until I didn’t need to ask for referrals anymore.

    I had grown my online platform and established systems where people would come to me. And then, one day this system stopped working for me.

    I’m not sure why it did.

    But ultimately, what I learned is that I had become too independent. I was going at it alone.

    Through that season in my business, I had to get back to basics.

    I had to put my ego down once more. (Let’s be honest, she’d gotten a little too comfortable.)

    I had to start asking for help.

    I laugh thinking about it now. I believe that we all benefit from asking others for help. For both offering help and for being open to receiving.

    It creates flow.

    It normalizes our own humanity and the notion that we were never meant to do it on our own.

    It reminds us to put our faith and trust in some universal knowing larger than ourselves.

    To that end, who in your life do you know that would benefit from reading this newsletter this morning? Would you be willing to share it with one person?

    Hopefully helpful,