• Feb 08, 2019 | Most Popular,  Your Relationships

    How living in community creates a spark in all of us

    My trip to India was transformational, but in a different way than I expected.

    In the past when we’ve done retreats to the Dominican Republic, they’ve been much more focused on personal development.

    These experiences are SO valuable to learn more about yourself and experience new awarenesses.

    But there’s a different flavor of learning when you’re a part of a connected community.

    One awareness we took away from our experience was that even in the midst of busyness and constant new things to see and experience, we all still craved community.

    Processing our experiences as a group gave us insights into our own experiences.

    Have you ever experienced this?

    Sometimes we can be vaguely aware that something is amiss or missing in our lives. It might be something regarding our relationships, or our spiritual lives, or even with ourselves, and we can’t quite put our finger on what it is.

    Sometimes that breakthrough or “a-ha” moment happens when someone else’s story or journey sparks clarity in us with something that’s been rumbling around in our own subconscious.

    As a coach, this brings me so much joy to see these sparks happen before my very eyes!

    For this reason, I’m excited to share that I will be launching my next group coaching mastermind in March.

    If you crave more community and deeper awareness around what you want (and even what’s in your way), than I’d love to discover with you if you’re a fit for this program.

    Registration closes Friday, February 22nd.

    Register here to set up a call and see if this is the perfect fit for you.

    To igniting the spark in you,