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    Finding Joy from Within

    I’m writing today from the subcontinent of India. The land of sensory overload! The sights, the sounds, the smells, the flavors, the textures…everything! It’s truly a beautiful, mysterious, and magical place.

    My first transformational retreat to India officially kicks off this evening, local time. As this email arrives in your inbox, our travelers’ flights are just beginning to land. You can follow along with what we’ll be doing over on our trip itinerary here if you’re curious. I can’t wait to share more with you in future emails!

    Through my travels abroad and at home, I’m often made keenly aware of the human need for joy.

    Sometimes joy’s absence is visible on a person’s countenance. Sadly, I’ve seen some of those faces in the last few days.

    But most of the time, we are masterful at masking whether we are truly joyful.

    And here’s the thing, joy doesn’t come from the places you think it would.

    For many of us recovering perfectionists, we think it will come with the next career accomplishment, pat on the back, or bonus deposited in our account.

    But darling, we can never win at this game long-term. Oh sure, we might get an initial high from those achievements, but eventually that high wears off, and we’re seeking the next external validation to our worth.

    Finding true joy must come from within.

    When we reclaim the power that we’ve given to all those external barometers, and instead make it our life’s job description to prioritize ourselves, we will truly be set free from this performance validation.

    If finding this full-and-balanced relationship with yourself outside of your accomplishments still seems elusive to you, here are some ideas to consider.

    • Practice gratitude (keep a journal and write something down every day you’re thankful for)
    • Find a new hobby (maybe from your bucket list)
    • Volunteer (give your time and talents somewhere just because)

    Joy that comes from within isn’t dependant on accomplishments or accolades. It’s worth it to discover it for yourself.

    Joyfully yours in the journey,

    P.S. How are you putting your needs first in pursuing joy this year? I’d love to hear! Please hit REPLY and share.