Sep 27, 2022 |

Oh yes you are

  • Build a wildly successful business that plays well with your personality, energetic capacity, and vision
  • Bake pleasure and rest into your days without feeling like you need to “earn” it
  • Confidently say no to things that don’t serve you anymore – a business model, that signature offer, a job that once felt dreamy, your industry…you name it
  • Charge more – you deserve it. You can be wealthy beyond measure while honoring your integrity and values
  • Rely on your emotions and intuition as guiding forces – without feeling overwhelmed
  • Fail forward and bounce back from rejections without triggering the imposter monster
  • Take action on your “pinch me” dreams without those ricocheting 2 AM thoughts keeping you awake and indecisive
  • Create systems for your business that are great for your nervous system and your clients
  • Be the leader you wish to see in the world
  • Evolve in your personal relationships with win-win outcomes

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Entrepreneurship on Accident with Morgan Specht

I always appreciate the reminder that for some of us, we find entrepreneurship by accident. This certainly wasn’t the case for me, but it was for today’s guest, Morgan Specht. Morgan, owner of Specht and Co., found entrepreneurship by accident when she realized the life of corporate marketing wasn’t for her. I only recently connected with Morgan, but we were able to speak deeply and to the heart in today’s episode. You’ll hear how she upgraded her business boundaries, finds aligned clients, and how to grow your business in a way that feels good despite what traditional business advice tells you. Happy listening! 

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