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"In one-on-one coaching, you learn so much about yourself and get so many breakthroughs, but they're different learnings. In Unbounded, I learned how to relate to myself in a community of other powerful women and grow from it. That's why I decided to join Unbounded a second time.”

Working with Cat, I’ve learned that coaching is a lot about self-knowledge. And Unbounded gave me that opportunity to develop self-knowledge as a leader in community with other powerful women.


We had incredible, real conversations and our bond is special – with an intimate group, you really get to see the dynamic evolve.


In the mastermind calls, we talked about finances, our relationship with money, and sales cycles. But it wasn’t just a straight up, one-size-fits-all tutorial. More like a guided how-to to integrate them into the larger picture of how we want our lives and businesses to be, which was incredible.”


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Entrepreneurship on Accident with Morgan Specht

I always appreciate the reminder that for some of us, we find entrepreneurship by accident. This certainly wasn’t the case for me, but it was for today’s guest, Morgan Specht. Morgan, owner of Specht and Co., found entrepreneurship by accident when she realized the life of corporate marketing wasn’t for her. I only recently connected with Morgan, but we were able to speak deeply and to the heart in today’s episode. You’ll hear how she upgraded her business boundaries, finds aligned clients, and how to grow your business in a way that feels good despite what traditional business advice tells you. Happy listening! 

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