Apr 11, 2023 |

The History of Coaching

I’m recording this episode on one of my off weeks – usually the last week of the month where I take a break from client calls to focus on business strategy, take a vacation, or to just prioritize some self-care. This week particularly, I want to address some requests that I’ve had for the show, which are to record more solo episodes! So, in this episode of the Prosperous Empath, I thought I would dive into the historical perspective on the life coaching industry, when (and why) to hire a coach, what the life coaching experience is all about, and explore some of the distinctions between coaching and some of the other support modalities. I’m also going to answer some frequently asked questions and share the answers to questions that I notice people who are new to coaching don’t necessarily know to ask but literally make all the difference. I can’t wait to hear your favorite takeaways! 

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Creating Transformational Group Containers with Kerry Dobson

Have you been thinking of adding a group program to your business offerings (or even investing in one)? This episode of The Prosperous Empath is for you! I’m honored to have Kerry Dobson, a coach who supports authors, coaches, and other thought leaders in crafting & leading their own group certification programs, on the show. After hosting over 100 professional groups in her career, Kerry has so much insight into what makes a group course successful for the leader and the participants via igniting passion and creating long lasting & impactful connections. Just by listening, you can hear the care and expertise she brings to this work. Your programs can be just as transformational as your 1:1 offerings, consider today’s episode as a resource to help you get started on creating your own!  

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