Sep 05, 2022 |

“With Cat, I’ve learned about the gift of not being given direct answers. She holds up a mirror and shares her perspective instead - what she sees for me.”

Working with Cat made me realize that there are ways to work 15 hours a week and have the money and impact you desire – my income has grown 40%. So now I do exactly that – and the rest of the time I’m living, reading, relaxing, traveling internationally, and nourishing myself.


My ability to show up powerfully and vulnerably has transformed both my romantic relationships and my client relationships and continues to be one of the biggest attractors for new clients in my business.


I’m not here to live a half decent life. I’m not here to run a half decent company. I’m here to have an amazing life and to help people enjoy the pleasure of it all.


Cat really helps me stay true to that and not let myself get sidetracked by the drama of the world or the day so that I’m always moving forward towards my goals.


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Marketing Like We’re Human with Sarah Santacroce


If you’re an ambitious empath, you probably feel the misalignment of hustle culture marketing almost daily. I know this was a huge problem for me early on in my business before I really gave myself permission to do things my way. With that being said, I’m so excited to have Sarah Santacrose on the show today. Sarah is the author of Marketing Like We’re Human, and it’s her mission to show how we, as prosperous empaths, can revolutionize the marketing industry.

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