Nov 07, 2022 |

"Belonging has the Unbounded Potential to transform your life."

Belonging is a special book because it embraces two coveted spaces; what we love about ourselves and what we fear. Catherine Wood is uniquely perfect to expand on this conversation because she like her writing is deep, playful, brave, wise and passionate.


Throughout this book she time and again proves there’s no vulnerable space she isn’t willing to dance into. Readers will find Belonging inspiring, compassionate to their personal issues, and fierce in terms of the tools and practices she provides them with.


If you allow it, Belonging has the Unbounded Potential to transform your life.


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Marketing Like We’re Human with Sarah Santacroce


If you’re an ambitious empath, you probably feel the misalignment of hustle culture marketing almost daily. I know this was a huge problem for me early on in my business before I really gave myself permission to do things my way. With that being said, I’m so excited to have Sarah Santacrose on the show today. Sarah is the author of Marketing Like We’re Human, and it’s her mission to show how we, as prosperous empaths, can revolutionize the marketing industry.

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