Sep 05, 2022 |

“She gives you ownership of your decisions, which I find so empowering”

She’s very gentle about her approach and doesn’t just give you the answer – even though that would probably be the easiest thing to do for her.

She lets you come to your own conclusion in your own time and gives you ownership of your decisions, which I find so empowering.

She’s never going to sit there and make you feel bad for dropping the ball on an assignment. She always allows you to give yourself the grace even if you’re not able to give it to yourself in those moments.

But she also knows exactly when to push back when you are maybe not living up to what you said you’re going to.

I’ve partnered with her since 2014, and Cat gave me the strength to say no to a steady paycheck, create stronger boundaries, and finally launch my personal styling business. It was everything I was looking for.”


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Marketing Like We’re Human with Sarah Santacroce


If you’re an ambitious empath, you probably feel the misalignment of hustle culture marketing almost daily. I know this was a huge problem for me early on in my business before I really gave myself permission to do things my way. With that being said, I’m so excited to have Sarah Santacrose on the show today. Sarah is the author of Marketing Like We’re Human, and it’s her mission to show how we, as prosperous empaths, can revolutionize the marketing industry.

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