Oct 21, 2022 |

MiMI Dabi

Catherine is one of the most amazing people I have ever met and worked with. She is the life coach who lets you know and believe that anything is possible. I worked with Catherine after quitting my job as a white-collar trial litigator. My goal was to grow my fashion business and also become a life coach. Within six months of working with Catherine, I had doubled my fashion business growth and revenue, and enrolled in a great ICF certified life coaching program.

Catherine supported me every week in shifting my context from hobbyist business woman to boss lady CEO. From setting daily and weekly goals and priorities, to creating an environment that supported my growth and transformation, Catherine offered me the right support that allowed my ideas to grow and flourish. I made the transition to exactly who and what I wanted to be, and doing exactly what I love doing.

Catherine cares about people. Being a life coach is not a job for Catherine. It is a way of life. Helping and supporting others, and being a realistic and enthusiastic supporter comes naturally to Catherine. She sees your potential, and allows you to grow into full potential, all while enjoying the journey, and creating an awareness of what is truly possible for your life. I 100% enjoy working with Catherine, and credit her with my incredible transformation as a woman, mother and business woman. She helped me gain perspective of what it means to fully take charge of my life and my career to create amazing possibilities.

I highly recommend choosing Catherine if you are looking for a life coach that will support you, and bridge that gap from where you are to where you want to go.


Exploring Sensitive Leadership with Nina Khoo

On this week’s episode of the Prosperous Empath®, we’ll explore how to effectively lead as a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), mitigate challenges, and work with your strengths. I’m thrilled to sit down with Nina Khoo, a Sensitive Leadership Coach and a Master NLP Coach who helps HSPs understand and embrace their unique wiring so they can become confident and empathetic leaders. It’s common for Highly Sensitive People to believe that they’re not capable of effective leadership and struggle with overwhelm, perfectionism, and second-guessing. Nina and I uncover how our greatest strengths can sometimes be the traits we feel most self-conscious about and pose a central question: How does a Highly Sensitive Person protect their gifts as a leader? As an empath and an HSP, your brain is physiologically wired to take more information in and process it more deeply, which can be an incredibly powerful leadership skill. Yet, it can also lead to overwhelm and self-criticism. Through our conversation, you’ll learn how to approach leadership in a more sensitive, empathetic, and compassionate way so you can own your gifts and make a bigger difference in the world  

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