Nov 09, 2022 |

Katherine O

I first came to Cat to help me find my way out of a bad career experience/boss and ended up gaining so much more. We worked together over two different group coaching sessions. Not only did I eventually find a new job and was able to tackle my interviews from an empowered and authentic place thanks to Cat, I was also able to gain clarity on what I wanted for both my career and my life. Cat is a great guide and shared many amazing resources to help me to make myself a priority in my life – expressing my needs and feelings more, taking control of my calendar/how I spend my time, discovering what ‘normal’ is for me, defining how I want relationships in my life to be, and ways to prioritize my health and wellbeing to make everything work best for me. Cat does a great job creating a safe sharing environment and connecting all participants in the group coaching; even when I’m not sharing or working directly on my needs, I’m still gaining tremendous insights and lessons from my co-participants, and Cat always found a way to relate the conversation back to me and my goals, too. I’m taking away greater skills in communication, responsibility, leadership, confidence, and self-expression – and am confident you would, too, if you worked with Cat! I look forward to keeping in touch and continuing to be inspired by Cat as I continue to work on my goals on my own now, and hope to be on one of her next PACK retreats in 2020!


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The Possibilities of Cycle Tracking for Your Business and Life with Laura Kline-Taylor

In a previous episode of the podcast I shared how it took 37 rejections before I finally landed my first client. That first client? Laura Kline-Taylor Roethel – which is why I’m beyond honored to have her on the show this week. Laura is a Life & Business Coach who specializes in supporting women who are spiritual entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial spirits who are interested in keeping motherhood powerful while remaining career driven. In our conversation, Laura is sharing her expertise of cyclical living and how this has created major shifts not only in her business, but in her life. Her teaching on this topic has endlessly grounded and motivated me and I hope it does the same for you.

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