Nov 09, 2022 |

Katherine O

I first came to Cat to help me find my way out of a bad career experience/boss and ended up gaining so much more. We worked together over two different group coaching sessions. Not only did I eventually find a new job and was able to tackle my interviews from an empowered and authentic place thanks to Cat, I was also able to gain clarity on what I wanted for both my career and my life. Cat is a great guide and shared many amazing resources to help me to make myself a priority in my life – expressing my needs and feelings more, taking control of my calendar/how I spend my time, discovering what ‘normal’ is for me, defining how I want relationships in my life to be, and ways to prioritize my health and wellbeing to make everything work best for me. Cat does a great job creating a safe sharing environment and connecting all participants in the group coaching; even when I’m not sharing or working directly on my needs, I’m still gaining tremendous insights and lessons from my co-participants, and Cat always found a way to relate the conversation back to me and my goals, too. I’m taking away greater skills in communication, responsibility, leadership, confidence, and self-expression – and am confident you would, too, if you worked with Cat! I look forward to keeping in touch and continuing to be inspired by Cat as I continue to work on my goals on my own now, and hope to be on one of her next PACK retreats in 2020!


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Creating Transformational Group Containers with Kerry Dobson

Have you been thinking of adding a group program to your business offerings (or even investing in one)? This episode of The Prosperous Empath is for you! I’m honored to have Kerry Dobson, a coach who supports authors, coaches, and other thought leaders in crafting & leading their own group certification programs, on the show. After hosting over 100 professional groups in her career, Kerry has so much insight into what makes a group course successful for the leader and the participants via igniting passion and creating long lasting & impactful connections. Just by listening, you can hear the care and expertise she brings to this work. Your programs can be just as transformational as your 1:1 offerings, consider today’s episode as a resource to help you get started on creating your own!  

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