Oct 21, 2022 |

Ebony Payne

I had such a positive experience while working with Catherine Wood as my life coach and I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to take this step in their life. What I love about Catherine is she is not afraid to ask pointed questions that challenge the beliefs you hold about yourself while being equally compassionate throughout the entire process. Just from our initial consultation, I was able to make a decision and take action on an area of my career that I had been ruminating over for two years! If it wasn’t for that first phone call with Catherine, I know that I would still be stuck doing a job that I no longer found a passion in. Unsurprisingly, it was after that first phone call that I decided to hire Catherine as my life coach. I have experienced a great deal of growth since I began life coaching both emotionally and financially. Whatever the reason you are seeking a life coach, whether it be for your career or to better an interpersonal relationship, you should be confident you found the right coach in Catherine.


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