May 16, 2023 |

How to Outsource Successfully and Confidently with Sadie Pestridge

Today’s guest is someone I admire for so many reasons – Sadie Prestridge, the founder of Prestridge and Co., is here today to help you feel confident when it comes to making your first or next hire in your business. Something else that Sadie brings to the table is her knowledge of scaling your business while pregnant. She started her business in 2018 and was able to quit her full-time job 3 months later (while pregnant) as she was fully booked and had surpassed her previous full-time income. Beyond that, we’re chatting about the importance of communication, crafting long-term relationships with your team members, and of course, the thing that has supported Sadie the most in becoming a prosperous empath. There’s something for everyone in this episode! 

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Reflections, Ahas and Lessons Learned on Hosting the First Unbounded Mastermind Retreat


At the time of recording this episode, I am just still landing from hosting our first ever Unbounded Mastermind retreat a couple of weekends ago. I wanted to record this episode to share what I’m still processing from the retreat, how it went, some of the lessons learned, and some of the highlights. In last week’s episode, we had Kerry Dobson on the show, and if you listened to that episode, you’ll remember that I shared with her that I was feeling vulnerable going into hosting this first ever in person retreat for the mastermind. I had a lot of expectations and hopes for how it would go and sometimes my own anticipation and pressure I put on myself can get in my way, so we workshopped my own blocks on our podcast episode together. It was so incredibly helpful, reassuring and affirming that I was on the right track. So I actually wanted to record this episode and give you the download and behind the scenes of how the retreat ended up going as well as some of my own takeaways as facilitator and some of my own personal insights that were reflected back to me. I know many in my community have shared their own dreams of wanting to host a retreat of their own, so I hope you’ll find this conversation helpful as you consider what to include in your own.

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The Prosperous Empath® Podcast is produced by Heart Centered Podcasting.

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