Feb 07, 2023 |

Healing for the Natural Sensitive with Jessi Michel Agadoni

Welcome back to another week of The Prosperous Empath Podcast. Today’s episode is yet another guest who I feel completely honored to have a conversation with to share with you – Jessi Michel Agadoni. Jessi has donned the term “Natural Sensitive” to describe not only how she has felt throughout her own life, but how her clients feel as well. You’ll hear how this differs from the more common term, Highly Sensitive Person (HSP). We talk a lot about physical and emotional healing that is sustainable for people like me and you. Jessi is also sharing why the language we use is important and the things that support her most. This conversation was deeply resonant for me, and I hope it is for you, too. 

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Marketing Like We’re Human with Sarah Santacroce


If you’re an ambitious empath, you probably feel the misalignment of hustle culture marketing almost daily. I know this was a huge problem for me early on in my business before I really gave myself permission to do things my way. With that being said, I’m so excited to have Sarah Santacrose on the show today. Sarah is the author of Marketing Like We’re Human, and it’s her mission to show how we, as prosperous empaths, can revolutionize the marketing industry.

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