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6. What is the significance of possibility in coaching?

Possibility is at the core of what coaching is all about. Webster’s Dictionary defines possibility as, “the state or fact of being likely or possible.” Essentially, if we don’t believe something is possible for us, we will not take sufficient action towards realizing that goal. Makes sense, doesn’t it? Why would you:

Start your own business if you didn’t believe it would be successful?

Double your rates if you didn’t believe you could sell your packages at those prices?

Apply for your supervisor’s role after she’s announced she’s leaving if you didn’t believe you were capable of supervising well?

Be emotionally available while dating if you didn’t believe finding love was possible for you?

In our experience, possibility is the magic of coaching. Coaching helps you deepen your felt sense of what is possible for you. It expands the bounds of what you believe you can accomplish, achieve, declare, actualize, manifest, and call into your life. Your relationship to what you believe is possible grows, elevates and transforms. You naturally become more comfortable taking risks, and leaning into your growth edge. You become less impacted by detours and bumps along the way. And you recognize they’re temporary and don’t mean anything about you and your possibility. You become committed to being and doing what it takes to achieve your goals when you believe your goals are possible. Coaching helps instill that belief in you.


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