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Feb 21, 2023 |

Dismantling Internalized Capitalism

Has busy-ness become the norm for your life? Have you felt that you’re living to work rather than working to live? If you are, you’re not alone. So many of us are impacted by internalized capitalism – it can feel like every decision we make is based on our productivity. This way of living wreaks havoc on our nervous system and doesn’t foster an environment where we feel like we can truly flourish. 

This concept of internalized capitalism is something that I have spent more and more time thinking about, and seeing the impact of in my own life. Today on the podcast, I’m really excited to dig into this topic, this topic of internalized capitalism, what it means, how it plays into our life and how we can start to break up with this systemic challenge that many of us, especially ambitious empaths are still living and operating inside of so let’s jump in.




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Trigger warning:
This episode may contain triggering content for some listeners affected by child loss; please review the show notes to know if this episode is proper for you now.

As an empath, it can often feel like we’re living in a world that’s grieving hardship and heartbreak. This is why I’m grateful to sit down with Jenn Andreou, an Executive Coach and Grief Recovery Method Specialist. In her work, Jenn helps grievers who feel stuck in the pain of their losses to move through grief and take action to regain their wellbeing. Throughout the episode, we talk about living with grief and allowing yourself to feel pain, sadness, and sorrow instead of fixing or bypassing them. After living through two tragic losses, it took Jenn seventeen years to truly begin to heal and find her way back to joy. Why? Because while grief is emotional, we as a society often intellectualize it and don’t allow ourselves to truly embrace and process our feelings. Jenn joins me for a heartfelt discussion on taking action (not the kind you may think), becoming more honest with yourself, and embracing the idea that it’s okay for things to not always be good so you can heal and move forward.

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