• Dec 21, 2018 | Your Relationships

    ‘Tis the season for holiday stress (and how to beat it!)

    It’s hard to believe that Christmas is just days away. With all the merry-making, most of us also experience a heightened amount of stress and anxiety this time of year. As entrepreneurs, you might be feeling the crunch of the end-of-the-year quotas and goals. Plus the holidays seem to have stress and social pressures built […]

  • Sep 29, 2022 | Your Business,  Your Self

    3 Practices When Feeling Overwhelmed as an Empath

    I don’t know about you, but I cannot believe today is the last day of the month! Has September flown by for anyone else? 🤷‍♀️ Perhaps it’s due to the fact that I’m getting married two weeks from tomorrow 🎉💕 or the massive undertaking of relaunching the Unbounded Potential™ brand next month… …but I’ve been […]

  • May 03, 2019 | Most Popular, Your Business,  Your Relationships

    35 Reflections on 35 Years of Life [Part 1 of 2]

    Yesterday was my 35th birthday! As I’ve reached this important milestone in my life, I’ve been contemplating what I’ve learned in my 35 rotations around the sun. Here are my top life lessons boiled down into one list. This is the first of two installments. I hope you enjoy! Own who you are. For the […]

  • Aug 11, 2022 | Your Business,  Your Self

    A Cry for Spaciousness

    As I wake up this overcast morning in coastal New England to the cries of gulls and the salty taste of the sea breeze in the air, I find myself deeply grateful. If you follow me on social media, you have likely realized I’ve been mostly absent recently. For someone who is all about consistency, […]

  • Sep 09, 2022 | Your Business,  Your Self

    An Invitation for Conscious Living

    How was the end to your final few weeks of summer? 🌻 I’m just returning to the office myself this week after taking two glorious weeks off unplugged at one of my favorite places in the world, on the St. John River in New Brunswick, Canada. I mean, look at this gorgeous view! I’ve been […]

  • Nov 01, 2019 | Your Self

    Are you compassionate with yourself?

    Susan felt she was failing at everything when she and I first started working together. Her marriage was falling apart, she felt tremendous pressure to overperform at work, and she felt that her day always ran ahead of her and she was never able to catch up. When discussing her morning routine, I could see […]

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