• Aug 23, 2019 | Your Work

    Are excuses holding you back? Gain control of your life with the Fab Five!

    For seven years throughout all of middle and high school, I played field hockey. I was never that good. I’ve always been better at endurance sports than coordination-based ones. If you want to climb a mountain, or run a marathon. I’m definitely your girl, because I won’t give up. “Endurance” is my middle name. And […]

  • Aug 30, 2019 | Your Work

    Honor yourself first thing in the morning. Why you should…and some ideas to get you started!

    The other day, my business partner asked me what I was super excited about these days (outside of business and Crossfit) 😉 Just goes to show how well she knows me. We had just celebrated the launch party of our 2020 PACK Retreats in my home in the company of 20+ amazing friends, clients, past […]

  • Aug 16, 2019 | Most Popular,  Your Work

    The “funnest” way to reach your goals!

    I’m so happy to be back with you all this week after being off the grid last week! This month I’m focusing on giving you tools that will help you increase your performance in work and life. I’ve realized in doing this series, that one performance tool I use, is precisely what I was doing […]

  • Jul 29, 2020 | Your Work

    We all know consistency is key in business but… how?

    I was speaking with a friend this week and she reflected to me something I hear often these days. She said, “You’re so good at routine and being consistent in your business, Cat. You have a lot of healthy masculine energy.” I smiled in half-hearted agreement with her but the piece that I’ve been reflecting […]