• May 03, 2019 | Most Popular, Your Business,  Your Relationships

    35 Reflections on 35 Years of Life [Part 1 of 2]

    Yesterday was my 35th birthday! As I’ve reached this important milestone in my life, I’ve been contemplating what I’ve learned in my 35 rotations around the sun. Here are my top life lessons boiled down into one list. This is the first of two installments. I hope you enjoy! Own who you are. For the […]

  • Feb 08, 2019 | Most Popular,  Your Relationships

    How living in community creates a spark in all of us

    My trip to India was transformational, but in a different way than I expected. In the past when we’ve done retreats to the Dominican Republic, they’ve been much more focused on personal development. These experiences are SO valuable to learn more about yourself and experience new awarenesses. But there’s a different flavor of learning when […]

  • Feb 22, 2019 | Most Popular, Your Adventures,  Your Relationships

    Remember why you do what you do. It’s the magic ingredient! (plus an insider’s look at our India retreat)

    It’s hard to believe that it’s been just over three weeks since returning from India. One aspect of being abroad for so long that I deeply appreciate is how much travel helps put core values back into perspective. Some of the topics I’ve been speaking about in these blog posts over the past month, elaborate […]