• May 24, 2019 | Most Popular, Your Relationships,  Your Work

    How learning to be vulnerable is actually empowering

    The other day, I watched Brene Brown’s Netflix special The Call to Courage. Have you seen it? She aptly puts into words what I’ve been trying to express for the past 3 weeks, and what was my experience on this most recent retreat we led this past March. She says, “Vulnerability is the pathway to […]

  • Feb 15, 2019 | Most Popular,  Your Relationships

    Spreading love starts with YOU!

    In my experience working with clients, this week of the year can be a particularly challenging one. You can probably guess why. Two words. Valentine’s Day. So much of it is managing expectations around this holiday. How much will we spend? What will we do with our valentine? What to do if you don’t have […]

  • Apr 15, 2021 | Your Self

    What Provides Me Comfort in Times of Pain…

    My heart feels heavy this morning. Heavy for the lawless deaths that continue to occur in my home country. Heavy for the growing divide between those who will get vaccinated and those who will not. Heavy for the economic lag effect that this pandemic is only beginning to reveal on those who will be affected […]