• Jun 07, 2019 | Most Popular, Your Relationships,  Your Work

    Decide now how you’ll face summertime challenges [Plus 6 tips to make sure your needs get met]

    With Memorial Day officially behind us, we’re now in the full swing of barbecues, pool parties, beach bonfires, and summer vacations. While this is a fun time of the year for many, it can also be exhausting if you’re still discovering how to say “no” to others in order to say “yes” to yourself without […]

  • Aug 06, 2020 | Your Work

    My Sweet Excuse, You are Not the Boss of Me Anymore Part 1 of 2

    Do you know what your go-to excuse is? The one-liner you keep in your back pocket in case you need to talk your way out of doing something (something you likely really want and are simply afraid of)? The familiar knee-jerk response that seems reasonable and others believe? I hear a lot of them in […]

  • Mar 18, 2021 | Your Work

    Your Business Needs This

    Have you ever thought about the sexiest quality you admire in your fellow entrepreneurs? Truly, what is the top attribute or skill that you see in others and you’re like dayummm, she is EVOLVED?! I imagine if you’re like most humans, your thoughts may wander first to wealth and the income threshold her company has […]