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Laura Kline-Taylor

Laura helps career-driven women who dare to have it all set the stage for a powerful next transition.

​Whether it’s birth, a new job, new parenthood, successful reintegration into a career, a bold life, or relationship pivot, it can be done without all the set-backs and the trade-offs we fear.

Laura lives in Rochester, New York where it is an honor to lead from the rule book of life written by my 6 yr old daughter, Eloise, to dance endlessly with my 4 yr old son, Emory, and pave the way for their futures partnering with my nature-loving, pro disc golf player of a husband, Jeremy.

I can be found singing at the top of my lungs, braiding hair, moving furniture around (with your consent), pointing out hawks I see flying above, or the first fallen leaf of autumn. I’m an artist with words and movement and I love language and dance. I adore the messiness and creativity of humanity, and wondering about it all!


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A Conversation with Coping with Herpes Expert, Drew Rabidoux

Drew Rabidoux, therapist, therapist coach, Coping with Herpes expert, course creator, mom, and boyband fanatic, is on the podcast today. In our conversation, she’s sharing about her recent course, Women Coping with Herpes. However, you can take out the word “herpes” and replace it with whatever you might be struggling with right now, and so much of Drew’s wisdom will apply. Something that I am really struck by after recording this episode is that oftentimes when we are on our path, we don’t understand why we hit certain bumps along the way. But hindsight is always 20/20 and looking back we have the clarity that each step along the way has been in service of who we are meant to become and what we are meant to have. I’ve never talked about something so heavy and significant while also laughing so hard. Drew left me feeling deeply inspired, and I hope she can do the same for you.

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