Did you know…

The Incan empire was larger than the Roman Empire? That it created more than 3,250 miles of roadways? Or that the Incas performed successful skull surgeries? The Incas had a vision for what was possible and made it happen. Are you ready for more of this energy in your life? On this trip to Peru, you’ll focus on building your own empire.

This trip is meant for you if you know you’re capable of more and will use this trip as a catalyst to level up. Expect an experience where you are challenged to climb higher (literally and figuratively) to achieve your next level of success. You’ll have conversations, readings, and workshops that help you get out of your own way and expand on your vision.

Things you’ll love about this trip

Hiking on the Inca Trail: You’ll have breathtaking views on our one-day hike. (If you prefer not to hike, we still have something awesome for you.)

Exploring Peru’s Incredible Food Culture: Peru is a foodie’s dream. The World Travel Awards has called it a “lead culinary destination” for the last six years. We’ll enjoy dinner at a beautiful restaurant in Cusco’s main square and try lots of local foods.

Like-minded Travelers: You’ll be among people who are committed to personal growth and ready to do what it takes to level up in 2020.

The history: We’ll visit archeological sites and learn about Incan culture from our experienced guides.


What kind of hotels will we be staying in?

We stay in four star hotels in each city.

Can I get a single supplement?

Yes! Email us for more information

What should I pack?

We will send you a packing list when you register.

Will we have a local guide?

Absolutely — we are partnering with Intrepid Travel, a company that provides a local guide on their expeditions. We chose to partner with Intrepid to combine their years of experience running trips in Peru and our years of experience running personal development retreats. We will have a local guide throughout the trip who can help translate, give you local tips on restaurants, and share more about Peruvian culture and history.

Is it suitable for couples?

This is not meant to be a romantic getaway or relationship coaching event. Couples in the past had a fabulous experience because they came ready to connect with their fellow participants and have a group experience.

What flight should I take?

This is totally up to you. Our trip begins and ends in Cusco. Most flights from the United States to Cusco include an overnight in the Lima airport. We recommend arriving a day or two early to see Lima, and then fly into Cusco. We will create a shared document that shows everyone’s travel plans so that travelers arriving early can coordinate if they so choose.

How much do flights cost?

Economy flights from the United States range between $800 – $1,650.

How many people will be on this trip?

On this trip we have a minimum of 10 travelers and a maximum of 20 travelers.

What is the minimum number of travelers required for this trip to run?

This trip will run with a minimum of 10 travelers. Registration closes August 12, so we will announce no later than September 7 whether we have met the minimum number of travelers. If we do not, we will either refund your deposit or you can credit your deposit to another 2020 trip.

How do you support your participants with re-integration back to the United States?

We offer a 60-minute group connection call no more than two weeks after your trip ends, and we also offer the option to join a group coaching program with your fellow travelers.

How do I take advantage of the pay-in-full discount?

Send us a message at packretreats@gmail.com and we will send you an invoice.

Do I need immunizations?

Check out the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website for the most up-to-date health information. See your doctor at least two months in advance of the trip to make sure you have necessary immunizations and antibiotics.

Should I purchase travel insurance?

We require that you have travel insurance. Depending on the plan you choose, travel insurance can cost as little as $20. Check out and compare plans here.