Meet MiMi Dabo, an entrepreneur, fashion designer, and life coach who lives in Washington, DC. Discover how working with Catherine helped her finally make the leap from accumulating accomplishments that looked good and felt safe (an MBA, CPA, a law career), to pursuing her passions for fashion and helping those in need.

Before she began coaching

MiMi enjoyed her career in white-collar trial litigation, but she felt restless, and knew that it was not her purpose.

  • She lived for her nights, when she would work on her side business, an online fashion boutique. She donated a portion of the proceeds to charities worldwide.
  • Every year for twelve years, she decided to quit her day job to pursue her dreams — but then she talked herself out of it.
  • During those same twelve years, she almost hired a life coach several times — and considered undergoing training to become a coach, herself. But something always stopped her.

Why coaching?

After more than a decade of feeling stuck, a dear friend’s tragic death was what finally mobilized MiMi to make the changes she’d been considering for so long. Living what felt like a double life was no longer an option. She interviewed a number of life coaches, and finally chose Catherine.

Where coaching meets faith

Coaching was not what MiMi expected. She was resistant to the idea that she was responsible for making changes in her life, as she saw it as prideful and in conflict with her belief about God being the source of power.

Very quickly, however, MiMi realized that life coaching was the best thing that had ever happened to her in her entire life. She realized that learning to trust herself only strengthened her faith, while also showing her who she really is, who she is meant to be, and the power she has to work for good.

Life after coaching

As MiMi describes it, working with Catherine helped her close the gap between where she was and where she wanted to be.

Today, MiMi is living her passion. “My soul is happy,” she says. “I love what I do, and who I do it with.”

  • MiMi is CEO of two fashion companies, Boutique Mix and Baby Okra Boutique, both of which provide a portion of their proceeds to charities worldwide
  • She’s also a life coach who works with, among others, women who are struggling to convert their own dreams into reality.
  • The vision she’s working towards: To generate enough profit to create a creative community of support and healing in the DC area that supports families and children in need through art, fashion, yoga, coaching, and mentoring.

MiMi’s advice for others who feel a gap between where they are, and where they are meant to be:

  1. Listen to yourself more. Don’t let those who do not understand your dream/purpose tell you what to do or stop you from having confidence in yourself.
  2. If you are sitting in your office feeling not-too-excited about your job, hire a life coach! Your coach may help you rediscover your passion for your job, or support you in getting to where you really need to be.
  3. Consider that living a full life is more of a choice problem than a resource problem.

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