Meet Alex, an artist and entrepreneur based in Boulder, CO who stepped away from running his engineering startup to pursue his deepest love: breakdancing.

Before he began coaching

  • Alex was working seven days a week running two separate businesses — one that leveraged his degree in engineering, another a nonprofit dance studio he helped create.
  • He struggled to find time to dance, and felt himself stagnating creatively. He couldn’t stop thinking that as a dancer, his body was a ticking clock. He didn’t want to wake up one day and realize that it was too late.
  • He made the decision to take the leap and pursue dancing full time.
  • Then he upped the ante even more: He would spend four months traveling around Europe with a few crew mates, finding as many opportunities to breakdance — and as many sources of inspiration —  as possible.

Why coaching?

Alex was aware of the huge risk he was taking. He needed someone to hold him accountable to his goals of dancing competitively abroad, share his journey, and give him access to his potential, so he started testing the waters of hiring a coach. He talked to five different coaches before he met Catherine, who really challenged him with the things she said, the questions she asked, and the way she was. After their first session, he felt strongly that she would be a very valuable ally as he embarked on his journey as a career dancer.

He spent 4 months traveling, breakdancing, competing, meeting new people, and absorbing inspiration from 10 different countries in Europe finishing with a month in Morocco.

Life after coaching

These days, you’ll find Alex devoting his life to dance in Boulder, CO. He splits his time between training in various dance styles, competing, traveling, teaching classes, and running the nonprofit dance studio he helped found, Block 1750. He travels out of the state at least once a month, has two international trips planned this year…and still has no weekends.

And he couldn’t be happier.

He offers the following advice for those who yearn to make a living from their art:

“Don’t make decisions based on fear: make decisions based on what you enjoy. Any master of any craft can make a living in America. It is your job to work hard and become a master. If you compare yourself to professionals as a beginner, you’re cutting yourself off. We all have to start somewhere…and coaching really helps you to get ‘there.’”

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